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  1. This week's programme with guest, barber and United fan Ewen Anderson.
  2. Although knackered from his return to work following the Covid 19 shut down, tonight's guest on Tuesday TeamTalk is Ewen Anderson the well known Arab and demon barber of George Street! 7pm at
  3. This week's Tuesday TeamTalk features guest former Saints full back and penalty king Mark Treanor.
  4. Did he not have a lucky coat that Paul Sturrock wore several times after we had won the day that he borrowed it?
  5. Good questions - will fire them at him. Bulk listening will reveal how often we trot out the same anecdotes. Sadly we have to keep to the broadcastable ones.
  6. Mark Treanor joins us on the show this coming Tuesday - if you have any questions for him, fire them up here.
  7. In 1990 Hospital Radio Perth had a very active member who was a minister from the USA living and working in Perth. He was keen to experience all aspects of Scotland while he and his family were here. He was always asking about how the Saint Soccer team were doing so we decided to invite him along to a game. It turned out to be Saints 5 Aberdeen 0 and myself and the other commentator were just about dancing with delight. Having spent some time explaining football to the guest, I decided at the end to ask him, live on air, what he thought of the match. He replied, "It was all right I suppose but St Johnstone should have made more use of penalties!" I swear I saw tumbleweed roll past as we tried to come up with an answer. Anyhoo, one of the heroes of that day was two goal Mark Treanor who did take advantage of the penalty. Mark joins us on Tuesday TeamTalk this coming Tuesday.
  8. The Tuesday TeamTalk guys are joined this week by Robert Thomson from the Scottish Sun.
  9. Tomorrow night's (Tuesday) guest is journalist Robert Thomson of the Scottish Sun - any questions for him, fire them up here.
  10. Join us tonight at 7pm with our guest Jim C Mackintosh poet and Saintee. Indeed if you have a braw wee poem you have just hatched then jot it down and we'll read it out if it isnae too rude or defamatory.
  11. Thanks for that, the sound wasn't as good as we'd hoped and some of those participating struggled to hear Paul, but he certainly was an interesting chat and it hadn't occurred to me that Macca had played for him at two of his clubs.
  12. Paul Sturrock joins this week's Tuesday TeamTalk.
  13. This week’s TeamTalk features lots of new manager blethers plus we are joined by Hazel Peplinski, Chief Executive of Perth Racecourse
  14. There's been a murder....
  15. Things got a bit "Fizzy" on TeamTalk this week.