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    Born 1970, lived Carnegie Place behind Muirton covered terracing
    Jim Morton, John Brogan Heroes. Saintee til I die (as was Dad who passed in 2011)
    Brother and I still go to games every season
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    Hillwalking, Curling, following Saints & Scotland
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    Operations Officer - Recycling Centres

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  1. time for a new Kevin Twaddle COYS - off to livvy tonight
  2. Stevie May scoring the winner against the Dons in SC semi final at ibrox will never be topped for me. Only around 3500 Saints fans there to witness it in the flesh after league cup semi gubbing by Dons at Tynecastle earlier in season. Never felt emotion like it, tears streaming down my face as realised the impossible dream, we had reached the long sought promised land. And that was as soon as the 2nd goal went in, just knew we were going to be in final, no nervous finish for a change. local lad who had been getting slagged all game by opposition WTFISM came up with the goods twce when it mattered most and sent us into our first ever SC final, everything else that has happened since stems from this game. St johnstone had arrived on big stage and have not looked back since, Club, players, managers, fans no longer dreamers but believers. Saintee til i die, COYS
  3. probably need to sign up to newsetter, it is shown on website etc, assume this will be their database where emails sent out to I'm not a season ticket holder, living in Dunfermline, but i got my email at 2.56 and noticed it at 4.30. I had been checking couple times a day since thursday and assumed online sale was going to be after Utd game, assuming system couldn't cope with 2 games at a time. Got my brother and i seats in East stand but couldn't get 2 together, sitting in row behind, diagonally opposite We're now seeing what its like to be supporters of a successful club, we cannae all get tickets, oh, those who remember the glorious lower division days in 1980s, we've come a long way
  4. just bought mine in East stand for brother and i at 4.30pm as soon as noticed email from club couldn't get seats together but diagonal behind other in row behind Also got utd tickets for sunday, sell out away support , so set up for a great week of football and proper atmosphere error message - could it be that trying to pick kids ticket before adult ticket i.e. need to have adult before can have U12 ticket? Only issue i had was when tried to pick 2 seatstogether for utd game where showed 3 available, was told could not leave a single seat, so had to pick 2 together only or 2 out of 4 or more
  5. Arbroath are a decent team especially at Gayfield was at recent friendly and the 4-1result was not a true reflection Parish had at least 4-5 good saves to make, we were lucky to score just before half time in goalmouth stramash
  6. signed up know that they have limits for free viewing their website and need to pay if regularly looking so good news that will get access to all SJFC articles
  7. Got my online ticket for a tenner on Wed night at Gayfield returning to town of my birth to see the double cup winners in their warm up for PSV/Galatasary tie cannae wait to see the Saintees on the pitch rather than the TV
  8. St Pedro

    Harry Curran

    Fantastic player for saints 204 appearances and 34 goals (1 every 6 games), Saints his main club more than half of his career games were for us main stay from 1989 to 1995 in Totten and Sturrock eras (less said about McClelland the better) a very underrated player by non saintees glad to hear he is stll enjoying life, left us lots of good memories
  9. Agree that this trial works and made me go to OF game for first time in a while, and bring 10 yr old nephews as well Saintees all together meant decent atmosphere and surrounded by OF fans just adds to theatre especially when you are competitive and they are starting to get nervous. Is it a coincidence that last 2 old firm games we have put up a much better performance than usual - i would like to know the players and Tommys feeling on their experience? surely adds to their adrenaline at home surrounded on 3 sides by OF fans - want to stick it to them etc
  10. Really enjoyed that game, tho not ultimate result Went hoping Saints would put up decent performance and competitive to the end - got that in spades Thought weekend was ours Liverpool, Rangers and Celtic all losing in same weekend - surely not... and when we were getting wee breaks and Zander saves in 2nd half started to believe we were going to nick it 1-0 and even heard a few fans around me saying similar. Tanser did well and restricted Forrest - not as prominent as usual, was a wee bit worried when saw Tanser was starting. Drey Wright was superb at right wing back . McCart is a great signing, bringing the best out of Gordon and Kerr, hopefully he and Rooney can become the Davidson/MacKay signings of this era. Edouard only had the one clear chance and thankfully put it over the bar - defence rugged in Fraser Wright style, much more like it. I was really impressed with this young team, Tommy has finally got them on an upward curve, things can only get better. When was last time we had such a young team without lots grizzled veterans? had my 2 x 10 year old nephews at game and both really enjoyed it especialy that Saints had great battle and very nearly got a result - proper Scottish cup tie... Much more like it at McDiarmid, need to maintain that type display against all comers.
  11. got my ticket , and bringing my 10/11 yr old nephews and their dad, so some new faces to hopefully fall in love with Super Saintees. Nephew has yet to see Saints score never mind win... Starting to believe after recent performances and seeing the Stevie May smile starting to reappear Celtic have to lose sometime, cannae continue unbeaten forever, hopefully Edouard / Forrest get wee injury on Thursday night in titanic tussle... Lets see if we can recreate the Ayr atmosphere on sunday, a fantastic day oot
  12. Chris born 1970 and used to live behind Muirton Park in Carnegie place. Used to go round to turnstiles and ask someone to be my dad and we got lifted over turnstiles to get in free, or go in once gates opened for last 20 minutes. John Brogan, Jim Morton were my heros growing up. remember getting in free and seeing us beating East Stirling 7-1 when i was 10. Used to love being able to change ends at half time - no segregation in those days Later Dad sometimes took us to games as sons always playing football. remember dad and my younger brother and sister on terracing at ice rink end for midweek game against Hearts - and fights in town at train stations etc, mum working at ice rink and not happy youngest child (sister) at game afterwards. remember when we drew Aberdeen in the scottish cup 1988 and, ground not suitable as no segregation. Think it was Aberdeen that paid for fencing to be put down middle of touchline shed terracing so game could go ahead at Perth. We lost 1-0 and highlights were on TV - novelty in those days I was at last game at Muirton when we lost 1-0 to Ayr United, student at St Andrews at time. time of epic cup semi final replay against Rangers at Celtic Park - Stevie Maskrey era first game 0-0 and lost replay I have an old leather stand seat removed after the final whistle made into a footstool. Alex Totten era at McDiarmid was superb - winning league, stylish victories. 3-1 win over Partick Thistle most memorable. New stadium was impressive and proud how club is/was run by Geoff Brown, and now Son Steve, living within our means. It was an impressive bit of business to get ground built by Asda funds. Meant we've had a stable foundation for our current period of stability in the volatile world of football. The new ground was all shiny but it did lack a bit of soul, 4 box model is a bit unexciting but the large crowds and exciting football made up for that. Dad and I had season tickets in East Stand for 3/4 years Recent European adventures have created some great nights I still prefer going to older more traditional grounds for the atmosphere i.e. at Scottish cup tie Vs Ayr United Somerset park 2 weeks ago. I don't live in Perth anymore (30 miles away) but still probably go to more away games than home., happy to discuss experiences further..
  13. Semi final at Ibrox and Stevie master class in answer to Dons abuse, Still my most emotional game ever, thought we would never get to a scottish cup final, never mind win the bloody thing. That game will live longer in my psyche than anything, a moment where realise dreams do come true... in some ways even better than winning the cup.
  14. Got my ticket, wee weekend family campervan trip, staying at Maybole Main Ayr station only 10 minute walk to ground looking forward to returning to Somerset park, proper old fashioned ground - not expecting much to have changed Cannae beat a Scottish cup away day...
  15. someone needs to sit MOH down and make him watch this over and over to remind him how good he can be