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  1. am going , maself and mrs erchie
  2. erchie


    it was acceptable in the 80 s !
  3. bring them on , in about thum
  4. Na DINNAE BAN HIM , HIS SHITE FAIR GIES ME A GOOD LAUGH ! He s more to be pitied than scolded
  5. Bus going from the Tulloch at 11-30 am Glencairn club for tea and scones then aff to Hampden ! still a few bus seats left
  6. That's a lot oh holy ghosties ! cheese and beans is teckle
  7. I see the man has retired due to injury ! He scored 2 goals for us .1 was against Motherwell , who was the other one against ?
  8. erchie

    Derek Robertson

    RIP dude ! saints legend
  9. erchie

    Horsing Around

    the horses condition is stable !
  10. the Tulloch bus is now fuller than a windee cleaners bucket ! tally - ho