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  1. Not like Mr Bullet Proof to pull off a window like this.
  2. Think we all know who it has to be anyway! I'll eat my words if I'm wrong.
  3. Sun reporting that Swanson still coming to us on their news flash about Callachan joining.
  4. Wright and Kennedy finally giving us the spark up top we've been lacking. But I canny help but to think how good we'd be if Tommy had kept Midge, and played McMillan and Scougall. As the two marquee signings of last season, not giving them a start, let alone a game, is criminal. One up top doesny work. Need tae get McMillan pairing with Watt up top, get Scougal in behind at CAM and get Kennedy and Wright bombing up the flanks. If we're just gonnae do the same old punt up the park, then at least have three players to pick out rather than the one. Overall, decent performance, but seriously lacking in the middle of the park as others have highlighted.
  5. Whit fannies on here are suggesting that a 2 way referendum is more divisive than an election which split the electorate between 15 parties/independent candidates? These claims have got Auchterarder and Murthly gammon written all oer them.
  6. No wonder all the physios are pissing off, everyone's getting f*cking injured and no doubt they'll get the pelters for it, like what happened to the physio Tony Tompos originally replaced.
  7. That's Easty away down South for an operation to help his injury, which will keep him out for a month. Just hope Tommy doesn't go all out Paddy Cregg on him if his injuries keep occurring come the end of his contract.
  8. x2 hopefully What would be good for McMillan would be another fresh pair of legs up top who can give Macca a run for his money.
  9. TW: "There will be ones going out but that will not happen until next week," Wright said. "There will be some young players going out (on loan) and some players moving on." Wonder who these "some players" are aside from Cummins?
  10. Aberdeen fan relatives of mine saying Maynard's garbage. Although he does sound like a typical Tommy signing if he feels he can get the best out of him.
  11. "Savo is a Saintee, he hates the f*cking Dundee, na na na naaa, na na na naaa" - when Savo f*cked up against us during our first game vs Dundee at McDiarmid since they got promoted, a few year ago. Nothing will beat "In your Monaco slums" though, absolute belter.
  12. That Mikey Johnston kid from Celtic looks a decent young player from how he's doing against Them.