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  1. When I was at the Club Shop before Christmas, they told me that Celtic brought the biggest party of hangers on of any SPL club to their game here on 4 October, whereas when Saints were about to go to Celtic Park on 6 December, they'd been restricted in the numbers they were allowed to bring.
  2. Because the BetFred starts on Tuesday, 6 October.
  3. You could be wrong, I fear. There’s an example of the Mole in the Partick Thistle cuptie match programme from January 1998, which has gossip about Cherry’s later business partner, Allan Preston, but Cherry moved on to ICT in 1996, so I don’t think it was him.
  4. So who was the original McDiarmid Mole? I didn’t come to Perth till 2008.
  5. Get the excuses in: 1. Saints fans in Ljubljana, yes, but I was at McDiarmid Park last night and flew in today via Paris. 2. Saints fans on schools’ October hols, who left Thursday or Friday to get the cheaper flights and hotels. Other highlights: 3. Cuptie’s miss, skyed over the bar. 4. Cuptie’s penalty after Ando hacked down and referee gave it for a change. 5. Peaso and Savo together again, albeit for the Dee.
  6. Alston was playing on the left when he scored at Ibrox earlier in the season in the 1-1 draw. Tommy's subbed Alston more than once when he's needed tacklers on the park to defend. Blair's one for the coaching staff to work on in making tackles 1.0.
  7. I saw two lonely Saints in Dingwall today. Clive Smith walking back to the coach in the car park, on his mobile, perhaps telling someone he wasn't on the bench? His dad came to the Celtic game in hope; met him in the food queue. Danny Swanson in his tracksuit, at the back of the bench but not included among the listed subs. Before kickoff he was talking with (taking hugs and handshakes from) two County players.
  8. But we missed chances to improve the goal difference .... and Cummins missed chances to regain his confidence .... and TW missed the opportunities to relieve/rest players as we have 4-5 games in 2-3 weeks. Ando, Macca, Midge and the rest.
  9. Three games in six days. Tired central defence (Liam G could've/should've played). Tired midfield (Liam C and Spoony both well below par). Tommy seldom starts to make a substitution till 60 minutes on the clock and then Callum takes time to explain the playbook. But Thistle also played in midweek and it was 3 in 7 for them.
  10. Joe Gormley was supposed to be on the bench in Dingwall, but his left knee seemed to go in attempting a practice shot in the warm up. Quick thinking by the backroom staff meant Midge (who travelled with the team) was added to the pack in time. He did his warm up after kickoff in front of Saints fans. No report of how bad Gormley's injury is?