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  1. I had a wee break for 18 months *** and isn't it always!
  2. aw letham saintee why the crabbit face? You look like you've got all the way to the playground but forgot your sweeties!
  3. 101 your a brainless idiot! How can you even contemplate writing that when so many people have friends and family that are unemployed! Gadjies and junkies are strong words to use! A lot of people are unemployed through no fault of their own, my other half was paid off on xmas eve and he has tried everything to get a job! So maybe in the future you could think before you type! Then again you haven't before so why would you start now!
  4. ski pants, slouch socks, wallabies, jelly bean bags, global hypercolour t-shirts, gorilla pants, kappa trakkies, british knights trainers and troop tracksuits to name a few!
  5. can anyone solve a domestic between me and the real bell 7! He went to the academy and reckons he came up to the high for the dentist. I went to the high but i cannae mind that! Anyone else mind that?
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!! Luv cristian & ciaran xx
  7. Going to see Stephen k Amos tonight. Hopefully he'll be as good as what i've seen on tv.
  8. There is snow everywhere and ice everywhere, you fall it is your own fault.... Identify whos fault it is? well look at oneself first of all for not having the ability to walk on snow or ice. so if you slip it is your own fault. All paths and streets in Perth were gritted as quickly as possible, from what I could see. I wouldnt say that it is or own fault if I fell or slipped. I fell twice in town on black ice even though i had proper footwear on i wouldn't say that was my fault, its just one of these things. I would however blame the council if my Gran fell! I was visiting her on sunday and not a bit of grit had been thrown in her street, not a bit of snow had been cleared they couldnt even walk along the road to the bus stop as the road was thick with ice nobody has touched it since the snow started!!!! Yes the weather has been exceptional but that is no excuse!! its health and safety gone mad!!! in previous cases of extreme bad weather people fuctioned, roads were clear etc because people just did it, they didnt wait for risk assessments etc they just bloody well got on with it.
  9. At primary school we had a couple of evil crows miss cant! Evil, evil, evil! Mrs/miss crighton/christie! Used to hit you on the head with a ruler, book, scissors or whatever was closest to hand at the time! at high school i agree with all comments made about teachers so far but i must add in mr mcdonald-r.e! And lesbian pe teacher miss spark! Couple of legends in their own right! Ha!
  10. Robert Blackhalls daughter is engaged to my brother what one as he has two that work in asda

  11. gav if ormonds have played 3 games then how come uve won one drawn two and lost one????
  12. I've seen the plans for the new leisure pool and it does look really good. PKL seem to have alot planned in the future for all the centres so fingers x'd it all goes ahead:laugh: