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  1. I had a wee break for 18 months *** and isn't it always!
  2. aw letham saintee why the crabbit face? You look like you've got all the way to the playground but forgot your sweeties!
  3. 101 your a brainless idiot! How can you even contemplate writing that when so many people have friends and family that are unemployed! Gadjies and junkies are strong words to use! A lot of people are unemployed through no fault of their own, my other half was paid off on xmas eve and he has tried everything to get a job! So maybe in the future you could think before you type! Then again you haven't before so why would you start now!
  4. ski pants, slouch socks, wallabies, jelly bean bags, global hypercolour t-shirts, gorilla pants, kappa trakkies, british knights trainers and troop tracksuits to name a few!
  5. can anyone solve a domestic between me and the real bell 7! He went to the academy and reckons he came up to the high for the dentist. I went to the high but i cannae mind that! Anyone else mind that?
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!! Luv cristian & ciaran xx
  7. Going to see Stephen k Amos tonight. Hopefully he'll be as good as what i've seen on tv.
  8. There is snow everywhere and ice everywhere, you fall it is your own fault.... Identify whos fault it is? well look at oneself first of all for not having the ability to walk on snow or ice. so if you slip it is your own fault. All paths and streets in Perth were gritted as quickly as possible, from what I could see. I wouldnt say that it is or own fault if I fell or slipped. I fell twice in town on black ice even though i had proper footwear on i wouldn't say that was my fault, its just one of these things. I would however blame the council if my Gran fell! I was visiting her on sunday and not a bit of grit had been thrown in her street, not a bit of snow had been cleared they couldnt even walk along the road to the bus stop as the road was thick with ice nobody has touched it since the snow started!!!! Yes the weather has been exceptional but that is no excuse!! its health and safety gone mad!!! in previous cases of extreme bad weather people fuctioned, roads were clear etc because people just did it, they didnt wait for risk assessments etc they just bloody well got on with it.
  9. At primary school we had a couple of evil crows miss cant! Evil, evil, evil! Mrs/miss crighton/christie! Used to hit you on the head with a ruler, book, scissors or whatever was closest to hand at the time! at high school i agree with all comments made about teachers so far but i must add in mr mcdonald-r.e! And lesbian pe teacher miss spark! Couple of legends in their own right! Ha!
  10. gav if ormonds have played 3 games then how come uve won one drawn two and lost one????
  11. I've seen the plans for the new leisure pool and it does look really good. PKL seem to have alot planned in the future for all the centres so fingers x'd it all goes ahead:laugh:
  12. thats the same video! on tv this morning they showed her clothes lining a player, scissor kicking another and kicking another in the "lady garden" then in the head as she fell!! Larky maybe you should sign her up
  13. don't go with virgin you'll be lucky if you ever get up!!!! My aunt had a tripped booked with them in july 2006 and finally got up in june 2009!!! they cancel it for the slightest thing!! best check out they have the multi coloured balloon that often takes off fae the brig and they seem to fly all the time
  14. Im starting to think that this thread has had its day. People are just digging anything up now to get a reaction and its starting to get silly!!! yeah there has been a good debate and everyone has given there opinion and credit needs to go to the moderators for not closing it down but closely keeping an eye on it and letting everyone get on with what is normally viewed as a sensitive subject but i think now is the time to stop!!!
  15. just out of interest would it be just as disgusting if it was 2 women snogging on tv/in the street as everyone has just mentioned men??? just curiosity nothing else
  16. larky unless the remote was next to you there is nae danger u got up of ur rear and changed the channel :laugh:
  17. correct me if i am wrong but i think this thread just shows that there is a generation gap I have no problems with gays or lesbian relationships! you cant help who you like its not possible and i dont think they should have to feel ashamed or try to hide it from anyone they have a right to live a happy life just as much as anyone else!!! I think gays and lesbians have enough problems coming to terms with their own sexuality at a young age when its all boy, girl (if you can remember back to your teen days) and also telling their family without narrow minded people making it more difficult for you I am not gay but i have no problem seeing 2 people of the same sex kissing its not any different from a man woman kiss. In fact i've seen a few things in town between a man and a woman that has made me sick!!! and that was in public!!! I have gay family members and also a civil partnership in my family and they are no different to you or me so i cant see any issue with it! to be gay is now widely accepted but sadly some people are still living in the dark ages and its always going to be that way its the same with anyone who is different in any way, people are always going to have a view cos it would just be too easy to leave them alone. its people like that that can drive a man/woman struggling to deal with their sexuality, to suicide!! i dont think anyone should be banned as we have freedom of speech and this has opened a debate. I have been shocked by some peoples comments on this thread where in the past i have always enjoyed what they had to say but i have had my eyes opened and quite frankly dont think i will read anymore of their comments
  18. as it says on the thread has this been done anywhere else and would sfa/fa/fifa etc allow it. just a thought as it is a unusal thing.
  19. the jazz bank, duffy's, checkers, the windsor, strangeways, patricks, silver broom, illicit still, the original electric whispers, the yorkie,
  20. Have to disagree i got a cheap mobile and great deal and my phone was brand new as was my sisters as we had to wait for the release date before we actually got the phone