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  1. I wasn't joking when I said Steven Maclean. 1yr loan. Let him stand in the 6yard box and convert crosses. Scored loads off of MOH cut backs. Plus he is a massive character and a voice in the dressing room.
  2. On a positive note- Id rather get the rough patch out the way pre-season ( i include Celtic game as pre-season). As long as its out the way now and we go and pump Livi.
  3. I'll let youi know at 1600 on Saturday...
  4. On the issue of programmes, are they a dying art? With the world of instant information, its a shame that these will die out. I still get one every week but the standard is poor. the 8 page 'double programme for the ross county/brechin match was grim. i flicked through my collegues Aberdeen programme from Sundays hearts match and it really was a thing of beauty! Sorry if this has already been discussed! (which I have no doubt it has!)
  5. I actually went down and got myself (and my boys- sorry lads) season tickets. I went to the cinema with the family midweek and after snacks and stuff (£50-60). The football is actually put itself right back into contention as a 'cheaper day out'.
  6. hmmmmm...... depends who you speak to.
  7. With Zander's agent being Mcnamara, and May's being Vine, I'm half expecting our next target to be represented by Neil McCann or Steve Lomas!
  8. crunchy toffee flavour. next time you visit the kiosk I'd recommend it. Don't give it to children though. They were still buzzing oot their tits until midnight!
  9. Very much purchased onsite! *my 4yr old offered some to messrs Vine, who refused. He appears to be upsetting everybody at the moment!
  10. They were sat right next to me and to be honest, Goodwin looked soundly hacked off with him chirping in his ear. He wasn't biting.
  11. we were £42 for the Luton to Kaunas flight (0855am) on the wednesday morning.