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  1. Brilliant result on Saturday and, no one can argue, fully deserved. It does beg the question if we can do that to Rangers why are we not performing at a better level week in week out. I honestly believe the squad of players we have we should be pushing for a comfortable 5th place finish and should never be in a position where we are going 6 games without a goal. The team that performed so well on saturday should be given the chance to do so again this weekend but i have serious doubts whether that will happen as our manager consistently mucks about with the starting line up. I feel this is unfairly causing a lack of confidence in some players which is having a negative impact.
  2. I could not agree more. Too many people on this noticeboard with rose tinted glasses. We are miserable and going back wards. Any other teams fans would be crying for change but because we won the cup years ago it seems that is never going to be on the agenda with the "we love Tommy brigade". At what point does reality kick in and we realise that this team simply isn't good enough.
  3. Its no wonder that some fans are getting negative. Its just too hard a watch this season. I don't blame the manager or team but the mess that is scottish football. The standard in the league is so poor and lacks any entertainment value.
  4. Lets all calm down. We are not out yet although its going to be a huge task to score twice over there especially with Mclean not playing and Cummings, clear to everyone apart from TW, definitely not a footballer. He is a waste of a strip. His miss near the end was nothing short of shocking. I agree that Kane has to step up and be counted this year and he must be given the chance next week. If we get the first goal the tie will swing back in our favour especially if we really get in their faces. Keep the faith!!!!
  5. Looking like Scougall is coming, fingers well and truly crossed. Looks a real good prospect. I would love to see Billy McKay instead of Brian Graham and the return of O,Halloran. Would make us an exciting prospect next year.
  6. I had felt that the FCU lads were getting targeted unfairly by the stewards and police over the last few months however, if there has been trouble at away grounds, then my sympathy has gone completely. There is no place for fighting at football matches anymore. I sincerely hope you go on supporting our team in the manner you had been, you were a genuine breath of fresh air and the club needs the support.
  7. This is going to get out of hand if Saints don't act. Disgusting behaviour by stewards. When did supporting your club and enjoying yourself become a public order offence. Keep up the great support FCU, and know that the vast majority of fans are backing you 100 per cent. Amazing what happens when you dress a retarded monkey up in a yellow jacket..
  8. Edstar, could not agree more. I am unfortunately a long time season ticket holder who agrees wholeheartedly with your opinion of "untouchable" Tommy. He is tactically inept and appears to never have a Plan B. I actually felt sorry for some of the players today being forced into positions way out of their comfort zones or to play when clearly nowhere near match fit. Why on earth was miller starting today when we had a fully fit Paton on the bench, and then to make matters worse, put him back on for the start of the second half. Ridiculous!!!!! I hope that Tommys courting of The The Rangers leads to him being offered the job. I would more than happy give him a lift through and supply a pen to sign on the dotted line. For the first time in many many years I really am struggling to find a reason to buy a season ticket to watch this farce for another season.
  9. I thought it was just me missing a joke. Who is Gordon?????. Also, just checking, have i been reported for having an opinion other than that of Tommy Wright actually being the best manager we have ever had??. Unfortunately some of us supporters are over 10 years old and actually remember the good managers of the past.
  10. The point you make is exactly why i would like to see something change. Our midfield, the one put together solely by TW, is not working and the guys who he brought in as cover give no better option. This is why (generally speaking) when subs are made they don't affect the outcome. We desperately need to change our style of play especially at home and try to attack more. If the midfield had players to pick out up front or in a wide position then the negativity of sideways or backward passing would be greatly reduced. I see a midfield who look frustrated every game as they are simply not being given options to play. I also agree that we are currently going through the most successful period in our history but the signs are there that this period is coming to an end and with the squad we have it really shouldn't be.
  11. You really aren't reading the posts are you!! I want a successful Saints team for years to come. The sole reason for the posts are because i am constantly frustrated by the way a talented squad who can easily perform to a far higher level are being held back by a manager who would rather defend in every game than have a go at teams. I have said this over and over. To answer your truly pointless remarks re Real Madrid and Barcelona - how many times do they change managers?? Answer, constantly. That is why they are always successful. New managers bring new ideas and keep there teams guessing. Tommy Wright has the same idea week in week out and everybody has sussed him out. You and all the other posters on this site who constantly hark back to past achievements are starting to sound like the Aberdeen fans who still believe they should be constantly winning titles and cups because Fergie was there 30 years ago.
  12. Correct, and Ross county went 11 games without a win and were 3 up against us!!!! We could change things by having a real go at teams - best form of defence is sometimes attack
  13. I am not putting Saints achievements down over the last few years. What they achieved was incredible for a team with our resources. I had waited 40 years for this and when the cup win came it truly was one of the best days of my life however you have to remember that football has to be entertaining to get bums on seats and what we are producing now is, in Edstars words, turgid. If we continue to play this negative style of football, especially at home, the crowds will reduce, the season ticket sales will decrease and the team we all love will inevitably slip into the bottom half of the table. Cetrain posters can slag me off as much as they like but at this moment in time we are behind rangers and hearts (who are no great teams) and i cannot see how playing one striker up front at home with no plan B by our manager is going to get us out of this or get fans flocking back. Remember St Johnstone are a business which needs revenue and the fans are our lifeblood. The teams we have bean neaten by at home lately should never be shown such respect as to play one up front, come on Tommy lets have a go at teams at home and get the entertainment back..
  14. Thanks Fazman. I am purely a concerned fan who not only has been a season ticket holder for more years than i care to remember but i also put a fair bit of sponsorship money into the club. I think that anyone who was there on saturday, and for the last few home games especially, should be concerned with what is happening on the pitch. We have an excellent squad albeit one which is seriously struggling up front. A fact that everyone in the stands can see but apparently our manager can't. Our current forward line is ageing (Mclean), struggling to make the grade (kane) and downright woeful (cummings). This is something the manager has proven completely unable to address. Take Danny Swanson out of our team and we would be in a right mess at the bottom of the league. We have to get someone signed in January but i really don't think we have the manager in place to do this. I hope I'm wrong...
  15. i have been reading this bulletin board for a couple of years now but never felt the need to comment, until now. Unfortunately i have a season ticket and it is the only reason i still turn up to watch. Personally i see a talented group of players who under the leadership of a decent manager could easily push for third, possibly even second. However under Tommy Wright management we will continue to be served up these appalling excuses for football matches. I fully appreciate what we have achieved over the last few years but the cup win and european qualifications cannot be fully attributed to our manager. No matter what anyone says without Stevie May there would very likely have been no cup win and without the Orcs from Govan and Hearts being in the league the european qualifications would have been highly unlikely. Who wouldn't love to see a return to the attacking, entertaining games of the late 1990,s rather than watch this drivel. If this sort of football carries on it is inevitable that our crowd numbers will reduce and this is something we can ill afford.