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  1. Indiscipline is created by a failure in leadership and piss poor management.
  2. I hope they can protect that back 4!!!!!!
  3. Alan Hutton, without a club, is worth a punt. He is not a centre half but we could do with a man of his experience in a defence of Tanser, Ambrose, Kerr and Hutton. Short Term obviously to bring some stability. Have we got the dosh to have them until January though. Pay per game maybe.
  4. They will not want him after this!
  5. Wait and see how the Tinkerman shuffles his pack. Will last weekends goalscorers be on the bench?
  6. Just like in Germany and some other Northern European countries, except The Netherlands of course!
  7. Not a given this against Hearts. Different proposition from Hamilton so we have to carry on like we finished on Saturday. Up and at 'em from the start with timely subs for tired legs, or underperformers.
  8. I absolutely detest these breaks during the season. Teams, not only us, lose some continuity, and training/bounce games is/are no substitute for the real thing. When exactly were they introduced, and do the top European Leagues do the same?
  9. Didn't Steve Lomas go 14 games without a win, before we beat Ross County, who were on a 40+ winning run. We then embarked on a decent run ourselves. Is it too unrealistic to believe that lightening can strike twice in the same place, or are we just dire on the footballing, management, and coaching, side?
  10. Exactly. You dont know who will apply once the taxi has departed. Sometimes you pick a gem, sometimes a dud. Wait a bit longer though, imo.
  11. Probably the reason why she will only Hence the reason she will only be going to away games.
  12. Isn't it a new rule that drop balls are no longer contested.?
  13. 2-3 May, Kennedy, Tanser, Cosgrove, Cosgrove 13301
  14. Ever cautious, Tommy will play Stevie on his own up front, imho.
  15. Agree with that. He has been a full international player with Estonia for a couple of years since progressing from the Under 21s. Perhaps his command of English, with a Scottish brogue, is a struggle. 19 full caps for your country is not to be sniffed at, and he is away on international duty again.
  16. He was ok at the Monkey Hangers aka Hartlepool according to my mate but not an option for us as you said.
  17. Better than keeping has beens. Should help keep us out of the mire.
  18. Building for the future. They were both past their use by date. Imho