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  1. G

    Danny Swanson

    Time to move for James McFadden now Danny ain't coming.
  2. Dougie Spew - he scores when he wants.
  3. Was very enjoyable guys, thanks. The real big news from the day though is that Pink has been surpassed in Sam's favourite PSJ players by Harry! Thinks he's magic
  4. Last game I played you scored the winner....was the dark days of the Pink managerial reign.
  5. Let's give it a bash....I'm in.
  6. Dear me. No wonder GM were not happy....
  7. Put me down for a comeback if you'll have me
  8. G

    Fantasy Football

    Money not important to me Spew. You know that.
  9. G

    Fantasy Football

    Winner. That is all.
  10. I'm out. Injured ankle obtained at my pre game comeback last night.
  11. Can we rely on you to turn up half cut and still score at least 2 then??
  12. Long way to go Spew, nobody wins anything in January.....
  13. Stick me down - depending on kick off time....
  14. G

    Fantasy Football

    Nips, Spew, Pink - do any of you have the cheque book??