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  1. If we play 3 at the back also another centre back for the same reason.
  2. I think in these times 5 players for 3 places is not a bad ratio. Those 5 will do. CD will always have his other formation to fall back on.
  3. I see the front 3 as May and O'Halloran either side of Hendry.
  4. Johnny B

    New Manager

    I'd imagine we are run like most businesses, there are job descriptions, contracts for the various posts and salaries to match. One for the assistant manager and one for a coach. As Cleland is no longer assistant manager, will he now have a coaches job description and contract? If we believe that he and Maclean are are equal then they will both have the same salary. Are we paying two assistant managers salaries?
  5. Johnny B

    New Manager

    Cleland a strange situation. He must have had his contract as Assistant Manager cancelled and is now willing to re-sign as a coach. I would expect he has the same contract as Maclean. Which will mean a drop in wages. Going from being quoted as new manager to being demoted to coach must have given him some food for thought. But good on him for staying. Or was it he had nowhere else to go.
  6. BBC states Former St Johnstone boss Tommy Wright is open to an open approach from Dundee United over their managerial vacancy - but would want a more hands-on role in recruitment and the running of the club than Robbie Neilson had. (Courier) Is that what TW stated or what the journalist believes. Are there any quotes in the Courier article??
  7. If I am allowed to vote Ali and Ali. If not how do I become a member of the Exiles?
  8. Johnny B

    New Manager

    CD stated in BBC interview He repeated his desire to recruit "two or three" players to bolster his "really good young squad". "I'm going to have to add. The chairman knows my opinion and what I'd like to bring in," Davidson explained. "There are good characters. A lot of players left at the end of this season. I'll probably try and nail down two systems. What are those 2 systems? The players he brings in may give an indication
  9. Johnny B

    New Manager

    Said it many times not a supporter of 352 but only time will tell. I hope I am wrong
  10. Johnny B

    New Manager

    If Tommy thinks he is a good assistant why not. If he thinks he can do better no.
  11. Johnny B

    New Manager

    Great news Cleland will stay as assistant but will be interesting to see who he brings in as a coach if anyone. I would like to see Craig given the post
  12. Johnny B

    New Manager

    What if the new manager does not want to play the same way. He may have his own ideas, formations and the tactics to play them. If so the players and coaching need to get up to speed with them asap. I am on the side; we need a manager in place when the players start back.
  13. Promotion and relegation it is not blocking promotion it would be abiding by the rules. Do not go full time do not get promotion. Falkirk were denied promotion a number of seasons ago because of their ground is that blocking promotion? How would you decide which clubs to take away? The clubs decide themselves, not full time not included or illegible for the 2 divisions The business sense is that small teams eg. Albion Rovers (ground capacity (1,200) a team going nowhere for a long time will not be given money to keep them afloat. The money will be divided between the 20 or 22 Full time teams the extra may and I say may help teams that qualify for Europe to reach the group stages and thus generate more money through sponsorship and from UEFA It is harsh but that is how I see our game flourishing. Scotland needs to be professional and become full time. This is my last word on the topic.
  14. As for 20 full time clubs if another 2 do not turn full time then it is 2 divisions of 10 surely a bright spark can work that out? As for elitist pish it is good business sense and there is no room for sentiment. Too many clubs for a country our size. Yes you are correct less than 40 years ago we ourselves were bottom of the league system, part time, and had one of the smallest supports in the Country. Therefore if we can do it so can others. Just because It annoys the **** out of you does not mean it is wrong.
  15. If we have change. I would add that the Premier and Championship teams must be full time. If a team wants to compete in the 2 top divisions they should not be part time. Professional clubs should be professional and that can not be done on a part time basis. Two leagues of 12 the rest into regional leagues where they belong