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  1. we cannot afford any with 5 games in 15 days. He will have to rest some but not all will get a rest as we have such a small squad. Our defenders will be hit the hardest as he will not want to rest any of them and weaken the team. At some stage could Middleton and MOH replace Wotherspoon and Conway, The 4 strikers can easily be rotated. It is a difficult choice do we burn out players or rotate and not play our best team.
  2. That includes their share of the gate money for the semi and the final. Good accountants
  3. Me and the wife would have flown back from Cyprus. 2014 was a day to remember so unbelievable
  4. Are you sure he was cup tied. He gas not played for Rangers this season.
  5. If Middleton is a success and we want to sign him. The asking price may be too much. I assume the only reason Rangers have not released him is his salary and the 2.5 years worth of compensation they would have to pay. I suppose the best we could expect is a loan again next season. If not we will need to find a replacement for him and MOH
  6. Everywhere I have read about his career has been attacking winger or forward. Booth is our cover at left wingback. Unless CD hopes to convert him to wingback as he tried with MOH
  7. The problem we have with games coming quick and fast is our back 3 (Kerr Gordon and McCart) need to play, Rooney in the same category. All other positions can be rotated. Would like to see us going back to for this one.
  8. Middleton a winger (we play with wingbacks) do not see what he will bring. Last season on loan at Hibs and Bradford. He had 6 league appearances for Hibs. Only 3 appearances for Bradford, he could not get a regular place in an English Div2 team. No trace of him playing anywhere this season. Money could be better spent. Are getting him for nothing and using him on an emergency but how do we get him up to match speed. He does not improve the team.
  9. why a winger when we play wingbacks?
  10. Rules must have changed but I like you would have said he was cup-tied
  11. The result means everything. Let's be honest Hibs should have been out of sight before we scored. Our second floored them and the never got up. Did CD selection and formation work you cannot argue with a 3v0 victory and CUP FINALLLLLLLL Looking forward to it and Wotherspoon and May can be the quiz question of the future who played in both cup finals.
  12. I was a doubting Thomas when I the saw the formation and team. Even though we were 1v0 at half time i was still full of doubt. never saw 3v0. Rooney outstanding today and on todays performance a very good replacement for McNamara