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  1. I am not missing the point at all you patronising C**t yes we need a striker and we needed a keeper as we only have two it's not rocket science lad
  2. Well we don't do we we as one has gone out on loan to Brechin for a year
  3. I sometimes angrily chomp down on a Caramel Wafer really hard shouting "Tory Bastards Tory Bastards" with bits of it spraying everywhere...But each to their own I suppose...And don't even start me on there Fascists Tea Cakes
  4. All together now.."When the Saints, go up, to lift the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Challange Cup, we'll be there,we'll be there "
  5. Yeah but this site has nothing to do with the club
  6. Apart from the keeper and defence the notion of a first pick does not really exist any more.Managers tend to use different formations dependent on the opposition..Spoony can cover a number of positions so will play a lot of games in the coming two seasons..Also I don't agree with you on him at 29 only having 30 minutes in his legs
  7. So does that mean that now that Scougall is away we have gone from having a boy with a chip on his shoulder to one with a thorn in his side
  8. Yes.Millar is small but wirey and has good upper body strength..Scougall is fat too light and easily pushed off the Ball
  9. Or maybe someone said Hey Tommy it's the Sportsound wanting an interview Tommy put down his Coffee,rolled his eyes,shook his head and Said Tell them I'm on the phone
  10. The second division days were awful for the club but great fun.
  11. Obviously did the deal is not done yet but it's looking a bit more promising
  12. I never put ma drugs in a mug pal.
  13. What an absolutely fantastic draw..I reckon we can look to make at least 250k from this game what a boost to the signing kitty that is
  14. You're Once Twice Three Times a Saintee and we Loooove Yooou That surely must be his song now let's get it started
  15. I could be wrong but my understanding is that he was born in England to Scottish parents..
  16. He hasn't been playing for them recently he's been in the bench, so there is not really much point in him being there
  17. Don't worry guys a new player is on his way.Random is arranging a Swap deal between Scougall and Cammy Smith as we speak.
  18. Check out @SaintSlimJimā€™s Tweet:
  19. It can only be Kennedy he was the best player on the park by a mile.Special mentions to Tanser Foster and Callachan but nobody really played badly
  20. I voted for Kennedy but it was really a toss up between him and Watt with Tanser close behind
  21. I went for Kerr ahead of Tanser With Joe and Kennedy not that far behind