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  1. Anyone know if this has any truth to it or is it just an agent trying to get his client out there?
  2. Any idea how they’re getting on at their respective clubs? Any stand outs?
  3. Shame for Easton, he was a good player but would be criminal to even think about pulling tanser out.
  4. Rumoured interest from Rotherham, Scunthorpe and Shrewsbury for Alston. If true, thoughts?
  5. Jason Kerr for me. Kept hibs well at bay stopped a lot of runs from their pacey who other teams struggle to deal with. mon the saints. Joe a close second
  6. With the attacking midfield options shown too us on Saturday, don’t see why Scougall should be at the club. Swanson, Wright and Kennedy are more than enough, and better players than Scougall. He is still a good player but just not for our team i think. Any thoughts?