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  1. What about actual, qualified accountants? The situations at the EFL teams are totally and utterly different.
  2. That 'bulletproof' embarrassment
  3. No quality non-execs would come within a mile of us if they read that interview with Brown IMO. Perhaps 80 season ticket holders will meet a new GM this week? Timing seems interesting and I doubt the resignation wasn't well telegraphed.
  4. Think that this is the first I've entered this year. Lot of ground to catch up here but it's early days. I'll take it one game at a time, season of 2 halves or something.
  5. I expect a lot of his time is spent trying to drum up non-football revenues for the club, as I recall that was a big part of the job description. If it's like any other marketing assistant job there's a hell of a lot of 'below the tip of the iceberg' work that goes on ... dealing with printers, sponsors etc etc. But ... I don't work there. I do know that there's a lot more to do than churning out videos that won't actually drive any new business (and 'business' doesn't necessarily mean getting fans in, there's other revenue streams), and it will be down the priority list because of that. In fact, if they were free all it would do is make a few fans slightly less grumpy.
  6. Probably a bit of A and a bit of B. IME very few organisations outside of FMCG, FS and to an extent tourism do proper marketing. This is especially true in Scotland because we've got so few scale businesses making or selling products, and it's even more true of family businesses. I don't think there's a right or wrong answer because I don't necessarily believe that the slow decline in bums on seats at McDairmid is necessarily something the club can spend themselves out of. If I was a marketing-sceptical, risk-averse MD with a massive ego and experience from an entirely different business model, I think I'd be hard to convice.
  7. We agree. If we want a more impactful, strategic marketing operation we would need to upgrade the function. I don't want to do Mr Brown a disservice, but I don't think he seems inclined to invest in that. Maybe he's right too, there may not be any real commercial upside for an enhanced marketing team.
  8. Very, very junior roles. That's 'Marketing Assistant' job description stuff.
  9. Sorry, what's behind a paywall? Saints TV wasn't set up by the club, it's a bought in product, the same as other clubs such as Livingston etc. It's hosted on a different URL, uses the same style sheets etc. Before, the club used to do thier own videos (Ross - agree he was good). I think if the current model puts interview videos behind a paywall, but that paywall gives access to home and away games for international fans, that's a very good trade off.
  10. Agree it's useless for promotion. Entirely wrong type of content and as you say largely available elsewhere. But I don't think it does cost the club. They way I'd structure the deal is for the cost to be on the production company, who pay a proportion of revenues to the club. They get guaranteed home game coverage, highlights, replays 1 x manager interview and 1x player interview pre and post games. I expect that the club don't own this content, or have restricted usage rights, so it's not actually thiers to 'give away' as people seem to want them to. The away game coverage will bump up subs and of course the more clubs they sign up for the model the bigger the revenue. I could be entirely wrong of course.
  11. Who gives it away free? Who owns the content? Seems that it is assumed that it's owned by St Johnstone Football Club. That could be the case, but I would expect it's owned by the people producing it as part of the deal with the club. Maybe not, and there may be limited usage rights granted to the club for social media etc. Who knows, every contract is different. I think Myspazz's point is that it's not a promotional asset as the only audience that it has a value for are those who are already highly invested customers. I.e. the club will not acquire new fans with 3 minutes of Scott Tanser mumbling about how the lads are really fired up for a midweeker at St Mirren. Hence the production company will want to try to generate some margin from folk who actually do attribute some value to that content, which would be mugs like me. The purpose of these videos is not 'to promote the club'. That would be entirely different content.
  12. Oh and for the record I am bouncing about the performance today. I disagreed with folk after the Livi comeback that we 'got lucky' in the second half, and I think today showed that to be the case (a bit). It's going to be a rollercoaster season if the early form is anything to go by and we need to up the quality to stay safe. Not by much, but 2/3 proper players. I'm already thinking that if there's not a big points spread between the bottom 8 come Christmas then clubs might dust of the cheque book / overdraft in January, so clubs that won't or can't do that will need a solid run before then.
  13. Yes that's right mate, it's the only thing I ever post about. Maybe scroll up .. I didn't actually bring him up on the thread and had no intention of doing so. I was replying. You've just made me go and check my post on P&B about the match to see if I even mentioned him, because you made me paranoid I have a ****ing complex about Danny Swanson. (I didn't). And we agree, his wages would be better spent. Are you normally so contrarian with people you agree with? This is proper 'start a fight in an empty room' stuff.
  14. Well I don't have any agenda other than wanting better results and performances. MOH started slow but has been getting slowly better pretty much every game. I've given him credit where I think it's been merited and he was fine today. I agree he contributed but context is everything. Against a tired defence with less than 10 minutes to play, fine. I get the impression you're arguing for the sake of it. In all honesty do you not think his wage would be better spent? You've been on about McMillan and Callachan, who will probably be on buttons compared to Swanson.
  15. To be fair it was the first time they've played together for a while. I think that they showed enough last season to demonstrate that they have the capability.