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  1. Also believe that most of our players are playing for Saints because that is their level. A few might go to English clubs but there are a lot of decent English players they would be competing with. Think most of our players will be happy to stay. Players that are on the fringes are probably the most likely to move on.
  2. Rob

    Scottish Cup

    Beautiful weather in Perth the past couple of days, would have been great to have been in the stadium to cheer them on. Always get some great days towards the end of the season.
  3. Top six and League Cup winners. Not sure any of our players are going to find better clubs and get a game every week. Sure they might get offered more money but the grass is not always greener and they could find themselves on the bench wherever they move to.
  4. We had chances, we should have scored. Very much like the Saints from earlier in the season. Defending was poor for the goal but overall we looked the better team in the highlights. Aberdeen were there for the taking and our best chance to pick up points. Somehow thats 3 times this season we've dropped points against them when really theyve looked poor. Cant grumble at top 6 and cup but we could have just about been top 4. Aberdeen have been pretty awful this season but still seem to have got there.
  5. BBC seemed to suggest CD is keeping an eye on Hendry for next season. What strikers are on their way out?
  6. Rob


    We've not given away too many penalties this season. Im sure its only 4 or something. Happy he saved it but it wasnt a good penalty. We've been riding our luck a little recently but had very little at the start of the season so balanced out.
  7. If they call the season now, at least we won the cup. 7th fine by me when we looked like we could possibly get relegated early in the season. Would call it a successful season.
  8. The cup win and a good run of form seems to be having an odd affect on some. Anyone actually think that Saints can win 4-1. All we can hope is that Saints beat Ross County by any margin and St Mirren get beat. Its a chance that at the turn of the year we wouldnt have thought possible.
  9. 3 points against 3rd in the league, happy with that. A difficult game and gave us at least a chance to get that top 6 place.
  10. We all want to see Melamed and Kane start this dont we. Obviously the win is the most important thing but Id just like see the partnership a bit more.
  11. Anyone know how many starts Melamed has made this season. Its 5 goals in 12 but dont think its 12 starts which makes him our best goal scorer I would have thought.
  12. Rob

    Scottish Cup

    Need to cancel Premier as well. Nothing else worth watching really.
  13. As said before its a squad game now. Players coming in and out of the starting line up based on formation. Kane fits into both our 2 up front and 1 up front formations with May basically the backup if Kane injured. rested or knackered after 60 mins. Melamed just seems to fit into the 2 up front formation. Think May will be with us next season. Melamed I believe has done the job he was brought in for. He's a terrific player but I imagine he will be leaving Scotland at the end of the season. Im sure we would like to keep him but was probably never on the cards.
  14. I agree but just shows you he is a good professional with him being best player on the park tonight apparently. I imagine CD has told him how important he still is to the team.