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  1. They need to stop with the smoke bombs in the stadium. Just embarassing really. Outside the stadiums its a police matter and nothing to do with club but this kind of thing could stop our fans being allowed in to away games etc. just because of one daft person. Honestly they need to pack it in.
  2. Not been following Kerr but Ali is getting eased into the side. The fact he's getting off the bench shows the intention to get him into a starting position. So do PNE have aspirations to get out of the Championship?, never really paid much attention but looks like a heck of a league to get out of. Must be some clubs just there forever and have the goal to stay in the division each year.
  3. This was really all about picking up the 3 points. The defence coped which is another bonus. Going forward Saints werent great. The goal was interesting because we've not seen May shoot from there recently, it didnt look like the obvious thing to do with the bodies in there. If he had passed to Eetu and he scored it might have dropped him down the pecking order further so maybe there is a bit of that. Good having some competition for places. May dropped to midfield I think when Davidson got injured. Points taken from the OF and Hibs and Hearts games sharing points show this could be a tough season.
  4. Decent goal. Stevie May of old for sure. Not really seeing enough of Eetu to form much of an opinion. Think Murray was injured and came off leaving us with 10 for last 10 mins. Cant see him playing midweek now.
  5. All doom and gloom about this fixture on the radio with them not expecting goals. Think we are starting to look a bit more attacking but who knows. Comments by Willie Miller about Saints still to score in normal time, he must have missed the cracking MOH goal against Rangers last week.
  6. Callum Davidson sticking up for Muller. Agree that you've got to let players make mistakes and learn and hopefully they do more good than bad and we get results. I seem to recall Kerr getting a bit of stick a few seasons back for the mistakes he was making. Fast forward to 2021, captain, 2 cups and 5th in the league and he is being sold. Think Saints fans must understand this will be the way when we bring in young players. Dont think it cost us the game. Rangers would have found a way, forced someone else to make a mistake and get a goal. Thought our back line did well. If they play like that every week we should start getting results.
  7. Ref gave Celtic a freekick for a passback which clearly wasnt a passback which led to the 1st goal and just handed Celtic even more of an advantage. Complete farce.
  8. Yeah we used to see subs at 60-70 mins, but now it seems last 10 mins when its all a bit late. Seems to be the tactic if things are okay we just stick with what we've got whereas we should be aiming for better than that and go for the 2nd goal. Nice not to get humped by the OF. MOH goal was the best finish from a Saints player in a long time.
  9. Thought Brown did well again. Seems to be getting better every time I watch him. He was a decent signing.
  10. Great MOH goal. Saints probably scored too early and enforced Rangers to up their game. Shot ourselves in the foot with the penalty. Lost our way/ composure in the 2nd half a bit. Crawford should have scored, put off by defender but cant be putting over from there. Thought he played okay though and at least he got himself into the position. Zander will be disappointed he was so far off his line for the 2nd goal, it wasnt top corner. Overall it wasnt a bad performance considering new players. Saints looked well drilled but it went out the window at times in 2nd half. We should be quite happy with a decent performance. Not interested in all of this not won a game this season rubbish. Probably our best league performance of the season. Rangers chances were few and far between.
  11. I think details of the Charity, auction link or details if its being auctioned in person is required to get a few more interested.
  12. Spot on, even though Saints won 2 cups we just arent viewed as a team that can provide players good enough for Scotland or players of monetary value. Dont think selling McCann for as cheap as we did will help that cause. Scotlands loss is Northern Irelands gain with McCann as they seem to be happy with him, they called Davis the Master and McCann the apprentice the other night. A few good games and Celtics Ralston had potential call up meanwhile Kerr was probably no where near being considered for Scotland squad whilst he was at Saints. Zander seems to be the exception for Scotland but its quite hard to ignore after all the big televised saves he's made over the past year, if he hadnt been called up I think there would have been a lot questioning. Think Zander will go to Rangers eventually of he keeps up the good form.
  13. Rob

    Squad - 21/22

    On Sportscene last night CD was impressed with Denmarks wingbacks coming in narrow. Said more teams playing this way, wouldnt be surprised if he introduced it a bit at Saints.
  14. Thought the statement was fair. I think everyone thought McCann was worth more than Saints got and can agree PNE got a bargain but if Ali felt it was time he went and the club got what they thought was acceptable then we should leave it at that. I know he had a contract but the lad doesnt owe the club anything, he was an exceptional player for Saints who never let us down and a real Saints legend. The last minute deal is the disappointing thing.