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  1. No question about it, it was a bad decision for Celtic to go to Dubai. It was a stupid risk they didnt need to take and it cost them with players isolating. Although it was allowed, it wasnt for a competive game like the Euro qualifiers. Perhaps there was hypocrisy in terms of how much social distancing there was compared to Scotland conga celebrations etc but ultimately they shouldnt have gone. Absolutely no need to publicly criticise Saints. I was also surprised by the videos that came out of the Chorley dressing room after they beat Derby County in the FA cup the other week. The bbc news focussed on the achievement and didnt once mention the packed dressing room with singing and dancing. I understand it was an emotional occassion but I thought it was a little astonishing.
  2. Celtic squad decimated by 13 players out. Well since another one of those has now tested positive it was totally justified for them all to have to isolate. It could have been any one of them. Remarkable that it was just 2 that tested positive, well thats not exactly a ringing endorsement for it being a good idea going to Dubai. What were the comments about Saints?
  3. 3 points. Great result. Kane again. Bottom half of the table is so tight, a lot of hard work to be done to get out of this.
  4. This is it. Very important to get a 2nd.
  5. In our position we need results. if we dont get results we will go down, it will be little comfort that we were nice to watch. For weeks now we have been hearing that Saints have been doing the right things but its still not paying off. If I hear from pundits one more time that we are well organised and have enough about us and that we will be okay.
  6. It was truely a wonder goal. Really disappointing it took that to beat us. The story of our season, loads of missed chances but our defending hasnt been too bad. Weve lost last min goals, freak goals, wonder goals which have stopped us from picking up all 3 points so many times. Hopefully our luck will change but the team also need to help that with converting chances.
  7. Melamed getting a lot of praise. Penalty box striker.
  8. Got sacked from Hearts after we beat them if I recall but agree sounds very biased.
  9. Just imagine the state we'd be in if we didnt get these penalties. Really struggling to score from open play.
  10. Back to the old away kit today. Game a bit rubbish.
  11. Think Tommy would be a decent fit for Motherwell. If he doesnt get the job, its hard to see what other club he could go to in the Scottish Premier.
  12. From CDs comments after the game it doesnt sound as if much if any business will be done. We still need the same thing we've needed all season and last few seasons. Someone that can finish clinically and get us the goals. We've got several strikers so cant see them adding to them at all.
  13. Rob

    Saints v Accies

    MOH should have been on earlier. At a time when there players were probably knackered we should have been adding that pace. For the few mins he was on, he looked the most dangerous. Something about Melamed's game obviously ruling him out of getting a game, bit of a mystery that. 20+ shots. The chances have been there. Its the lack of clinical finishing that is costing us every single game.