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  1. They could just finish the season at the enf of this year and have a shorter season next year.
  2. How about increasing the size of the Scottish Premiership next year so no one gets relegated from the league they are in. Two go up. Playoff for second place in Championship etc.
  3. Hopefully we can pick up 3 points on Saturday before they cancel the rest of the Season. That way we'll have got top 6 after a dreadful start to the season. Im sure everyone is fed up of the topic but what do you think they would do if it did happen regarding places, relegation etc.
  4. Wasnt pretty. Livis tactis to slow the game down to snails pace and just long throws into the box. The ball was in the air for most of the game. Pretty horrible to watch. Ref ruined the game and made it very stop start with some very soft decisions. Their left back was fast so we didnt have much joy down the right wing until Drey's cross that lead to the goal. Great result and a fantastic turnaround this season.
  5. My work has us reporting if we are travelling anywhere or going to anything where there are going to be large numbers. Thankfully our crowds arent that big. We can always sit 3 seats apart.
  6. Only the old firm have lost less games than us the season. Considering where we were and the defending issues, great achievement. We need to get behind the team again at home against Livi.
  7. BBC reporting at its best saying we have lost ground on top six. Were we not 5 points behind 6th tonight and now we are 4. Still not far enough away from the bottom yet for my liking.
  8. Sounds like we did well to come away with a point. Not ideal but we are now only 4 away from top 6.
  9. Hendry got a little bit of a knock didnt he? Surely the only reason not to be on bench.
  10. Also think we need to use more of the squad. Crucial we win this game. We might have eyes on top 6 but not out of it at the bottom yet.
  11. Was it Spoony? I remember someones foot being kicked rather than the ball and thought it looked like a foul. Few poor decisions like that. Certainly remember a Celtic player getting a sore one and being down for ages after a clearance hit him.
  12. Problem is I think this was THE chance, getting to 80 mins. At the moment Celtic are the Team to beat in the cup and we came as close as anyone in recent times. I was thoroughly impressed by Saints. Took my young lad and I think he finally understood that although we didnt win that for our club it was a win of sorts. Usually I go home from games when we get beat feeling scunnered, not yesterday. Felt really proud to be a Saintee.
  13. Definitely times in the game where we had real momentum and had them under pressure. They totally looked beatable.
  14. Rob


    Not to take anything away from our teams performance but I think the pitch condition benefitted us on Sunday. Stopped Celtic playing the slick football we are used to seeing.