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  1. He’s English tho mate doubt he’ll ever get a game for them
  2. Yeh definitely if we get contract extensions for likes of big Tony and Shaughessy. Pretty sure there is a few others with contracts running out in summer. Not 100% sure but Spoony, Ricky Foster, Liam Craig, scotty Tanser and more. If we can get extensions for these lads then that would be more significant than most signings would be!
  3. Gotta love this class from saints pretty sure it would be us. Who else wid be classy enough to right a letter nowadays apart fae us! Keeping the romance of football alive! COYS
  4. Yeh you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head there mate
  5. I definitely would be happy with signing him especially if Scougal leaves. Him leaving would free up cash to sign mikey. Only doubt would be Where would he fit in?
  6. Michael O’Halloran released by Melbourne City should we make a move? Being linked in press but not sure about how he would fit in?? I would definitely be happy with deal!! Just wondering any1 else’s Thoughts????