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  1. It was a shame the saints couldn’t keep the clean sheet. It was a bit disappointed that there was so little support for the saints on the East Stand... Also, great steak and gravy pie!
  2. I just talked to the SLO. She was very helpfull and she helped me with the purchasing!! If any of you want to meet before or during the game, we will be happy to. We got tickets for the East stand.
  3. Hi everybody I understand you are suspicious but we are truly not Celtic supports. We live in Denmark and we do not have any affiliations with any Scottish football clubs. If I can validate my IP or prove my location in other ways, I will have no problem with doing so, so I can dismantle these theories I'm trying to get a hold of the SLO - I will let you know if we get tickets. It will be perfect if they could be posted to Denmark
  4. Thank you Kyle!! I will reach out the the your reference. I will let you know if we succeed in getting tickets for the game
  5. I understand your scepticism. But we are really not supports of Celtic and we will not support them on the stands - to the contrary we would love to support St Johnstone. We have a history of going to matches of mid/low table clubs as these matches are more "real" and support the underdogs. We have picked the Celtic match because it is the only match the the league that Sunday.
  6. We are not supporting any of the teams really. However, we have great respect for your club and we will do our very best to fit in on the stands.
  7. Hi all We are five boys from Denmark looking to make a trip to McDiarmid for the upcoming Celtic match. I have called the tickets office and I was told that I needed a season ticket holder to vouch for me in order to create an account in the club's ticketing database where I can purchase tickets. My problem is that we do not have any connections to the club and we do not know any season tickets holders. As a last chance I thought that maybe we could be lucky to find a kind soul that would help us here in this forum. Please let me know if anybody want to vouch for us or if anybody want to sell tickets to us directly. We will be very grateful if anybody could help us. We would very much like to take part in any pre-match events and also going to a pub where the fans hang about before the match.