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  1. Yes I was a ballboy when Jimmy was there 1st game was against the current buns. I remember Greig calling me a little cnut for taking too long to get the ball because Saints were winning
  2. Absolutely agree regarding Stevie great to see his confidence gradually growing
  3. So define the negativity in the initial comment I made
  4. 1-0 will do, but it would be great to get a resounding victory
  5. Pretty straight forward answer to that one Not a chance!!!
  6. Think Hendry will be really pissed off to be back on the bench after 3 goals in a week
  7. You will be lucky to find one of those anywhere
  8. Can't make the game today which is disappointing always a good day oot in the heilin's. Go get them lads we are due a result against them. 2-1 Hendry & May 3,124
  9. Well said I couldn't agree more, anything and everything should be considered to increase the atmosphere within the stadium.