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  1. Absolutely agree regarding Stevie great to see his confidence gradually growing
  2. So define the negativity in the initial comment I made
  3. 1-0 will do, but it would be great to get a resounding victory
  4. Pretty straight forward answer to that one Not a chance!!!
  5. Think Hendry will be really pissed off to be back on the bench after 3 goals in a week
  6. You will be lucky to find one of those anywhere
  7. Can't make the game today which is disappointing always a good day oot in the heilin's. Go get them lads we are due a result against them. 2-1 Hendry & May 3,124
  8. Well said I couldn't agree more, anything and everything should be considered to increase the atmosphere within the stadium.
  9. What the fcuk is he going on about the pitch if you can play on their midden with the slope you can play anywhere
  10. Just seen their line up 3 up front away from home, I guess that's why they are 3/4 in the table
  11. Exactly, I hope it works however I have serious doubts though, I guess we will soon know. In my opinion negative first and foremost lets try and not lose. Where is our ghreat coming from?
  12. FFS here we go again all the hallmarks of another saga played out in the press. Is there no internal communication between the off field management and the on field management at this club it's absolutely pathetic we have to go through this shit pretty much everytime we want to extend the contract of someone we do want to keep and can't offload some of those we don't want to keep. It just gets so boring and predictable
  13. You just knew it would be these cnuts. Well if we are going to win it again better getting them now than the final
  14. Third and it's a training session after first 10 mins poor goal to lose basic defending errors again great stuff from Callum. Lets bury them first 15mins second half and party
  15. Just been to Perth Station 08.10 train change glasgow you then have to change again at Kilmarnock for Ayr arrive Ayr 11.30am no requirement for bus transfer. Return after 5.00pm no problem direct train Ayr to Glasgow Central. Bit of a ballache going but as normal returning. This is the end of this Public Service Announcement
  16. Absolutely agree anything less would be a joke