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  1. has to be one of these 4... : 1) liam craig's absolute beezer at dunfermline in '07 to send us top of the league (position we stayed for the whole season) 2) brechin away last year in the scottish cup. 3) dave mackay's goal at parkhead. never celebrated a goal like that before... apart from when we went 1-0 up against rangers in the scottish cup semi-final, but that wasn't mcinnes era, was it? 4) the 1-0 win at dens park in 2008 that all but clinched our promotion.
  2. been going since 1999 so only choosing players from then... here goes! main mackay duberry kernaghan (captain) stanic o'neill dasovic morris sheerin lowndes sandaza subs: enckelman mcquillan calum davidson murray davidson roddy grant hardie sylla manager: sandy clark
  3. hopefully del will go with this team... encks mackay wright mccracken (if fit, if not fit then ando) callum davidson (again, if fit, if not fit then liam craig) robertson morris davidson gibson sandaza sheridan
  4. can someone please enlighen me on how liam craig got the man of the match award today? possibly the worst player we have on our bill...
  5. hopefully del will go with... enckelman mackay wright ando davidson robertson morris davidson haber sandaza sheridan
  6. desperatly need a new left midfielder... team should be: enckelman mackay ando wright davidson millar morris muzz new player/davie robertson (can he play there?) haber (if he signs) new striker.
  7. out: smith maybury grainger taylor peaso jacko robertson sammy want to stay: doobs (absolutely love the man but chances of him staying are slim) invincible davidson in:: gallagher gk new cb (if doobs goes) harris lb david robertson cm imrie winger harkins cm haber st griffiths loan deal st
  8. millar every day of the week. works hard for the team. imrie's a wee thug.
  9. geniunely think we should brake the bank to get clayton donaldson from crewe. we surely must be a bigger club than them. obviously slightly unrealistic but... it would solve the scoring problem!
  10. enckelman mackay doobs ando grainger millar davidson morris (if fit)/adams/moon craig sammy may 3-1 saints... COYS <3
  11. from the os... "It looks like a larger than normal travelling support will be heading to Inverness on Saturday" REALLY?
  12. genuinely think we should do this if we score...