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  1. We have only lost 2 players. Granted, 2 of our best players. But perhaps some of these loan signings will be sensational, Eetu might be the 20+ goal machine we,ve been crying out for. Perhaps Callum has a plan to go to a different formation given the squad strengths/weaknesses. Equally, they may all be utter crap. I think writing off this season already is a bitt of a leap. Just have to wait and see how it unfolds. I do agree though that they're is too many loans and that it'll be a hell of a rebuild job in Jan/next summer. Also, I don't think any of us can really complain about a player (Ali) that could clearly cut it down south and wanted the chance to get a much, much higher wage and if all goes well a chance to show his skills to teams in the English Prem.
  2. Eh?! How?! None of the guys I sit with got one
  3. I'm not expecting to get extra tickets with my ST, the Gala game was a very welcome surprise. However, surely one of the points of a ST is so you have first dibs on ticketed games! If I hadn't been on here, I'd have had no idea that LASK tickets were on sale. They have the e-mail addresses of all ST holders, and anyone else who has bought a ticket. Couldn't something have been sent out to say they were going on sale.
  4. Shite that there isn't at least a day for ST holders
  5. I like the idea of resting more players, can't see us changing from the back 3 though. I'd like to see Gilmour and Ballantyne too as I haven't really seen anything of them.
  6. I'm sure if you contact the club they can change your seat, either that or you'll just have to wait until UEFA say there is no need for the extra players zones...probably quite a long wait on that one.
  7. Parish Muller Gordon* McCart* Brown Devine Craig Bryson(if fit) Spoony May Hendry/Eetu Basically, try to give every player that would be starting next Thursday a rest. That's still a decent team to put out. *Or Kerr, just whoever is in most need of a rest/carrying knocks
  8. Can't say I agree that Spoony normally plays much deeper than Middleton did last night. He is probably a little bit more inclined to drop a little deeper to pick up the ball, but I'd say when he is playing, he's normally on the left just behind the main striker. Having said that, I think Spoony will start on Sunday. Same front 3 for next week, with Spoony coming off the bench...if Davidson ever uses a sub!
  9. Still in the draw, thats the main thing. McCann and Craig both playing 120mins before Thursday would be a bit of a worry
  10. Does anyone know if Spoony will be back from self-isolation by this game?
  11. Owen Goal top goalscorer for saints, great signing!