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  1. he wanted to stay, Tommy wanted to keep him but the chairman wouldn't do the deal at the time. He's not Rowan Vine.
  2. Paddy Connolly was our best striker on Fifa 99.
  3. He's got to be better than Davide Xausa though, right?
  4. Looking forward to signing 9 central midfielders and no wide players or forwards.
  5. There's definitely a complete failure to understand that other clubs have different levels of expectation and demand on them than Rangers do. A double is an obvious highlight in our history, probably the best season we could have imagined, whereas their list of demands is win the league and cups, wind up Ryan Porteous and insist that the real bigotry is people calling them bigots.
  6. A few Rangers fans - not a lot, but a few of them - are kicking around the idea on Twitter that St Johnstone fans would obviously swap their cup double for Rangers' undefeated league win. The phrase 'in a heartbeat' was mentioned. My gut instinct was the opposite though, that I'd never consider trading in that season for a theoretically better one. I wondered what other folks' gut reaction to this idea was?
  7. Wigan switched to a back three today and Jason played. Clean sheet.
  8. I remember him talking at an end of season thing about training with Scotland and saying Gould dicked around because he knew he'd be second choice.
  9. Is there a way we can donate more online?
  10. aagb1884


    Hard to say, seeing as it's not happened since Alan Main.
  11. aagb1884


    It looks weird from the outside, but yeah, we don't know how Zander did in training. Maybe Liam Kelly aced it and Zander just did okay. But from the outside it looks strange to have McLaughlin and Kelly in the squad ahead of Zander (who plays behind a similar defensive system and has played really well in big games since the Scottish Cup Semi). And obviously it's not Steve Clarke's job to care about this, but because Jason Kerr's moved away in part because he doesn't think he'll break into the Scotland squad at Saints, it's incredibly frustrating to see Zander out of this squad especially when he's out of contact. It actively harms our chances of keeping players if the impression they get is of Saints harming their chances of a Scotland call up. (On another note, you'd have thought Ralston and Watt would be in with a shout for this squad)
  12. I think it's the fact the same ****ing ref did us over in the first Hibs game last year that's really galling right now.
  13. Looking forward to the first Hibs game of the season next year, where John Beaton decides to give an 85th minute penalty because he doesn't like Stevie May's vibe.
  14. (i mean obviously he didn't. It'd be Mark Guidi)
  15. Did...did Steve Brown write this?