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  1. Everyone has to be very happy with the players that have been brought in. Look what has been brought in to other clubs with much higher budgets. Once again the chairman has come up with the money when needed.
  2. I hope this news stops all the Taxi for Tommy and is Steve Brown doing a good job nonsense posted on here in the last few weeks. The money the Chairman has made available to get the likes of O"Hallaron, Wright, Swanson, Kennedy and now May in the past seasons should be applauded certainly not critised. On the crowds we are getting I cant imagine us affording anyone better.Taking Rangers and Celtic out if the equation, there are not many if any other squads in the division I would swap ours for. Remember too that May and anyone else we might still sign is not taking into account the money spent to keep Kerr and Clark.
  3. Hemmings was always going to end back at Dundee. Even if we had offered a permanent deal, Dundee would have been offering him more.
  4. Instead of all the negative comments and constant moans, how about waiting until the transfer window closes to see who we have signed.