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  1. I went there first and just started a thread but too late I guess!
  2. Anybody any clues?
  3. johnny ryall


    Sante - St Johns Place.
  4. johnny ryall


    Sante is the only proper Tapas in town and is run by Julien who had Exceed in South Methven St and then in a coupl of other locations. Great place.
  5. Benares in Mayfair for a michelin star curry. It's excellent.
  6. Biancos was good for a laugh (if you liked rock music and a relaxed attitude to cleanliness!)
  7. Check out the Enckelman .. with hair!
  8. I saw an advert for Krav Maga at the new campus in Muirton but don't know if they are just fishing for people to start a club or not. There used to be Lau Gar Kung Fu also (I did it years ago) at the County but it's prbably moved if it still runs. I also did Ju Jitsu for a while at Letham but that is not ongoing anymore.
  9. Everything on here seems to be based on a story in a newspaper of an event that no-one appears to have seen or indeed been part of. Why debate at all?
  10. I will be up in Inverness from the Firday but going to the game. If anyone is staying on the Saturday night ther is a great band playing at the Ironworks called "The Dangleberries" - similar vein as Red Hot Chili Pipers. £10 a ticket. I'll keep my eyes on this thread for pub meetup beforehand.