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  1. I went there first and just started a thread but too late I guess!
  2. Anybody any clues?
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    Sante - St Johns Place.
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    Sante is the only proper Tapas in town and is run by Julien who had Exceed in South Methven St and then in a coupl of other locations. Great place.
  5. Benares in Mayfair for a michelin star curry. It's excellent.
  6. Biancos was good for a laugh (if you liked rock music and a relaxed attitude to cleanliness!)
  7. Check out the Enckelman .. with hair!
  8. I saw an advert for Krav Maga at the new campus in Muirton but don't know if they are just fishing for people to start a club or not. There used to be Lau Gar Kung Fu also (I did it years ago) at the County but it's prbably moved if it still runs. I also did Ju Jitsu for a while at Letham but that is not ongoing anymore.
  9. Everything on here seems to be based on a story in a newspaper of an event that no-one appears to have seen or indeed been part of. Why debate at all?
  10. I will be up in Inverness from the Firday but going to the game. If anyone is staying on the Saturday night ther is a great band playing at the Ironworks called "The Dangleberries" - similar vein as Red Hot Chili Pipers. £10 a ticket. I'll keep my eyes on this thread for pub meetup beforehand.
  11. I was playing on the astro turf at the same time as he was training with all the other keepers and Gogz Marshall. He was wearing no24.
  12. Artificial pitch looks good too (apart from the sight of me running aboot on it an hour ago!). Strange that!
  13. Sonisphere @ Knebworth for me. Slightly different taste!
  14. Do they even show football? How can they be so offended? Boycott the place.