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  1. It won’t let me send a message to you, it says you are not a accepting them. I can email you if that’s easier.
  2. Thanks for the input. Would you be up for giving me a few quotes on the phone? Just you had some interesting points and it would be good to include them properly about how it engaged the younger generation which I hadn’t considered. I was more about how it might turn off the older generation.
  3. Sleepless - that’s great. Could I possibly call you, just so I can take down your quotes and your name etc. As that is exactly what I was looking for, some proper fan input and that point of view. You can message me here or I can give you my email.
  4. The article is about the first proper all-seater. Kilbowie had benches bolted onto terracing. So that’s a totally different thing, I am saying McDiarmid Park was the first of the new era of stadiums in Britain. If anyone remembers the move, it would be great to make contact and I could get some real fan insight into the piece.
  5. Anyway if any fans remember the move, please reach out.
  6. What was the first all-seater? McDiarmid was well underway before Hillsborough.
  7. Hi all, Sorry for any intrusion. I am a writer based in London and working on an article about McDiarmid Park and it’s anniversary, mainly giving it the place I feel it deserves considering it was the first all-seater in the U.K. It’s for When Saturday Comes, another mag felt it was “too Scottish”. But I reckon it should be flagged up and written about. Is there anyone here who has memories of Muirton and then leaving for the new stadium? I just want to get a feel for how the fans felt and what was it like to be the first group to make the move to a shiny, new, modern all-seater. Thanks a lot in advance for any help.