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    Hi, I'm Sanjeev Nanda. I love the Perth Hamlet, and have been living here since 2004.
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  1. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, any further events (football or otherwise) seem to be in the lull. I am looking to play FIFA '19 and watch a lot of movies in the meantime. I hope you all would be safe and secure. Times are really scary - stay in safe, and avoid any gatherings please.
  2. If ye do get one, please post a picture in the comments mate.
  3. Such a positive article about my boy Jody. Really enjoyed watching him during his prime. He was never considered anything remarkable (or at least by my lot), but his play style was always solid. Too bad public perception towards Jody changed after his street brawl headlines, which (I remember) garnered a tough bit of controversy for him back in the day. His appointment as assistant manager at Chelsea is testament that his fundamentals are what made him a winner in the end. Cheers!
  4. Gemma Fay is one of the most talented gals in Scotland. She has played 203 professional matches, and is Perth's finest. If she isn't a pro, then I''ll be damned!!
  5. Drop any hopes for things getting any better lads. The Coronavirus pandemic is expected to go till May, if not curtailed (and by the looks of it, this just might be the case)!!! I am bored, watching matches on youtube is not the same like being pumped for a fresh season. I hope the outbreak is controlled, really stretching it thin with the resources yeh.