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  1. JmSG

    Stuart Beedie

    Well, collecting the data, played with a lot of numbers (4,7,8,9,10 and 11) what I would say that he played everything except defense, as long as your number matches your position. It could be classified as a Box to Box Mid, Left-Handed, therefore could it also play as Left-Mid?
  2. JmSG

    Stuart Beedie

    The only information I can find about his position is ... Left-side Midfielder, which I don't know is correct.
  3. JmSG

    Stuart Beedie

    Greetings to all, I hope you are fine, Remember Stuart Beedie playing for St. Johnstone? and what was its position in the field?
  4. JmSG

    Harry Curran

    Thanks for the answers, that was my doubt, that in Los Santos it was more "attacking", box to box I think it would be a good description, thank you.
  5. JmSG

    Harry Curran

    Greetings, remember Harry Curran? I think he was a central midfielder? could you describe him as a player? looking for information in the Dundee Utd archive is described as a defensive midfielder but I think that in the Saints he played more attacker
  6. JmSG

    Gary McGinnis

    Greetings, do any of you remember this player and in what positions did he play for St.Johnstone?
  7. JmSG

    John Davies

    Thank you very much for the answers, at the moment it is a compilation of data on former players.
  8. JmSG

    John Davies

    Greetings, I want to ask about this former player of the club, he played in the club at the beginning of the nineties, he was signed from Clydebank and later he left for Airdrie, does anyone remember in what positions he played?