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  1. Guys first all 65% of the people in istanbul are vaccinated plus we dont let people into the stadium without health clerance . you can come to istanbul easily and you can go back to UK via any airport in france or many of the Eu countries without being guaranteed on your back trip to scotland.only problem for you traveling Scottish fans is, like myself, over 44k seasonal card holders in TT Galatasaray arena. Since our stadium is undergoing some improvements and Turkish FA only allow 50% stadium capacity, we will pay at Fatih Terim stadium and capacity will be limited to 9800. So all tickets will be allocated to old seasonal ticket holders hence you won't be able to buy tickets. As for the second leg in Scotland, Galatasaray has never ever played without at least 1500/2000 away supporters anywhere in the world. Over 800 k Turks and Turkish Cypriots living in the UK so I can imagine couple of thousand will make their way to Perth. Please be kind to them as turks and Scottish people have always been friendly to each other and good luck for the game. As for the team we have making great transfers so far and 2 more might be announced anytime this weekend so we won't play badly again like we did against PSV