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  1. This game is massive the league could be called to a halt any time with covid 19 getting out of control. A win for us takes us off the bottom and a Aberdeen win takes us out of the bottom 2
  2. We got one of those miracles 10 men Celtic scoring a winner in the 97 minute
  3. Sheila


    Pleased he is back in he fully deserves his call up.
  4. Ambrose is a liability, we can't play him and hope the good one shows up. Now I know why Livi did not resign him. Cover and emergency only
  5. Sheila


    Scotland squad: Goalkeepers: Craig Gordon (Hearts), Jon McLaughlin (Rangers), Liam Kelly (Motherwell). No Zander what a disgrace. Easily the best keeper in Scotland but He picks his favourite Gordon He selects McLaughlin just to have Rangers players in the squad, he does not even play regularly, he did the same with their full back last season. He choses Kelly not a patch on Zander. Zander should tell him where to go if he comes crawling back. It almost put you off supporting Scotland
  6. He should start Vertainin. He has to start sometime
  7. Yes it was. Fans can now attend so UK get sound only
  8. That was a entertaining night everything was perfect except for the score, We shot ourselves in the foot. With Spoony getting sent off and Rooney not there to run down the wing
  9. Looking forward to tomorrow night we need Gordon and Spoony fit to play
  10. Watched the game on Premier sports. Not happy it was an ex Celtic and ex Rangers players as the pundits. We were very good all over the park. Now for the home leg hope the atmosphere is as good as if not better than Galatasaray