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  1. It was a very strange affair. However, I think the club realised that, give the ticketing fiasco, tickets will have been purchased by away fans. The club had initially stated the North Stand was for away fans, then retracted that statement, but the ticketing website was still labelling the North Stand as 'away'. It's a shame you guys couldn't wear your colours, and it was a fiasco, however I'm glad you made it. I have never visited Perth, in all honesty, let alone your ground. However, I fancy travelling up this season - if you sell us tickets, that is.
  2. I thought it could have gone either way today, and a draw was a fair result. Saying that, I'm fuming that McCarthy's goal was erroneously ruled offside, but thankful Middleton's strike crashed against the bar. Credit to your supporters, btw! Although the game was officially home supporters only, it was clear from who and when they applauded that they were Perth Saints. That was a terrible decision not to give you an allocation, and as a member of SMISA (and therefore technically part-owner) I would like to offer an apology and I will raise it with the club, along with a list of other things. Given you played in Europe on Thursday, I think you look a decent side. I think a place in the top six might be more difficult to come by this season, though.
  3. It's a disgrace that you can't be, IMHO. Many Paisley Saints feel this way, including Div - the owner of our forum and Pie and Bovril.
  4. We're guilty of that, too. I'd prefer us to run at defenders and also be willing to shoot from outside the box, but like you we tend to faff about with the ball. We've lost at home to Hearts and got hammered at Celtic Park. Our solitary point came away at Dundee, who haven't looked great themselves. I really hope you have a hangover from Thursday.
  5. Aye, it's a shambles from us. I think this is a terrible decision - away fans help create an atmosphere, plus we could easily accommodate you. Plus it's understandable why some Perth Saints might have bought tickets: The above was part of a statement which was later edited, apparently. Plus our site was, and probably still is, labelling the North Stand as being for away fans. Aye, just checked - it still is:
  6. To be fair, I did rub my hands together with glee as I considered the title! However I thought it would be a bit wide to come on your forum and take the piss, so I followed the established format.
  7. 1) We were founded in 1877, seven years before you. 2) There is no saint called Johnstone. Aye, I know the history - Perth was called St. John's Town or something - but there's no saint by that name. There is a Saint Mirren (also spelled Mirin). So we're the originals and you're the fakes.
  8. I'm like a wean waiting for Christmas, pal. I like the new ground now, created enough new memories and it needed modernising, anyway.. We desperately need a win.
  9. I hope you don't mind me creating your match thread for you. I can imagine you're all focused on your game on Thursday, but this is my first game since 11 March 2020, when Obika scored our winner against Hearts, so I'm really looking forward to this. As I said in the other thread, I hope you win on penalties on Thursday! It's always good to see Scottish sides do well in Europe, that includes the Old Firm. I think your performance on Sunday will be heavily influenced by the result on Thursday, and whether it goes into extra-time or not. So I will reserve my predictions for now. Come on the real Saints (the ones from Paisley!)!
  10. Genuinely wishing you the best of luck against LASK - though I'm hoping you win it on penalties. Looking forward to welcoming you to the SMISA Stadium on Sunday. Tickets are now on sale: