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  1. As many of you will have seen on St Johnstone’s Facebook page my 5 year old nephew Ryan done a lap around the Easter Road pitch at half time on Sunday He is raising money for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity who have looked after him since he was born and will look after him in the future He was supposed to run 1km in the junior Edinburgh marathon last year but because of the lockdowns it got cancelled a couple of times so it was arranged that he could do it at Easter Road In the end he ended up walking around instead of running as he was giving everyone high-fives around the pitch and people were handing him money! The whole family would like to say a massive thank you to all the St Johnstone fans who clapped him as he passed the away section and handed money to him. Between both sets of fans he walked away with £177. He’s been high as a kite ever since We’d also like to thank St Johnstone Football Club who advertised his fundraiser on Monday and to everyone who has donated online since Edited by Mod to add donation link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/weeryankerr