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  1. I thought something similar, just as his mate Tade did the year before. Their signings was a PR masterclass from Saints! Apparently Nigel's only goals for over a year have been hattricks for Suriname but no league goals in Israel. Looks like he's either been hitting the gym or the pies too. Think he should be filed under never go back.
  2. Retired. Thank goodness. When I see a thread on a forum with just someone's name it's normally an obituary. Hopefully there's a long happy retirement ahead for him.
  3. Being used to an oppressive dictator, austere conditions and subsistence level wages he wouldn't need a settling in period if he joined Saints.
  4. Never been so glad to have games called off. It's a sad reflection of where we are at the moment that it's the best news we've had in ages.
  5. I saw his name mentioned last week but thought it was just someone jokingly picking a random, past his sell by date player from England.
  6. No problem thanks. Have to say I did like your response apart from the obvious. It's our responsibility as true football fans to keep the truth alive and never let the campaign for history to be rewritten succeed.
  7. I am fully aware of what happened in 2012 which is why I put 'relegation' and not just relegation. In their minds and their sycophants they were relegated. Everyone else knows they died.
  8. Also Rangers will never get over their 'relegation' in 2012 and are hell bent on causing as much disruption to the SPFL as possible.
  9. He's only been here a few days. Callum'll soon get him cutting out that nonsense.
  10. I don't expect a load of permanent signings. Given where we are it's going to be even more difficult than usual to get players to sign permanently for us. Personally I'm not bothered if they're long term or short term. The only priority is getting out of the hole we're in and if that means paying over the odds for a few months for a couple of players that we couldn't normally afford then that's fine by me.
  11. We = Saints, same as when saying us. There's not many 'I's as in eg 'I've liked what I've seen of him and I was keen to get him on board' When I is used it's more of a generalism. It's mostly we. It's a positive piece to announce a big signing, by our standards anyway, and easy to accept at face value. I wouldn't expect anything else in the circumstances. People could actually spend all day selectively using bits from it to back up both sides of the argument.
  12. Or even a Motherwell player looking to take advantage of a poor clearance.
  13. Criticism for footballing decisions maybe, not the vitriolic personal abuse. Inexperienced as a manager in his own right agreed but he's an intelligent guy that has about eight years coaching/assistant manager behind him and is an apparently highly regarded coach so he's not in the Del class of inexperience when taking over. I'm beginning to wonder if he's playing the most risky game of poker ever after the summer's transfer fiascos!
  14. Some of the personal abuse he's getting is an utter disgrace.
  15. Only expecting more of the same but with this week's permutation of players.
  16. Careful. Talk like that isn't welcome around these here parts. Callum's obviously pissed off with Eetu trying to play a bit of football in the clip. He'll be angry Kane wasn't there trying to hold the ball up, waiting for contact and 'winning' a foul to relieve the pressure. He'll probably now use it as a coaching aid to highlight what happens when you try to be the slightest bit adventurous confirming his policy of safety first, second, third, fourth and fifth is the only way.
  17. I'd like to see May and Eetu given a chance as May's the better footballer than Kane. Viv nearby would do nicely too.
  18. That's hook, line and sinker I'm afraid Jet.
  19. It's almost as if he's totally frustrated with a player he doesn't rate but has more or less been forced to play because of injuries.
  20. Can only see the tried and trusted 10 men behind Kane with him battering his way to the occasional free kick to relieve the pressure for a few seconds.
  21. Everything's pointing so heavily to a home win it's one of these games that's got 1-0 Saints written all over it.
  22. Zander to Rangers the day before we play Rangers is the least surprising bit of transfer gossip we'll see this week.