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  1. I’m fairly sure that will be part of his remit bring young players through then sell them for a decent price
  2. A bit like Callum Paterson started as a right back at Hearts but played in the middle and upfront for Cardiff and Scotland would definitely give opposition defences something different to think about.
  3. Didn’t think the ref did too much wrong. Thought we matched Celtic pretty well just unfortunate for us that Edouard has found his form just before they play us.
  4. Yeah good goal but I was the same thought he didn’t look and quite a bit of luck to get through all the bodies
  5. Thought Brown was fine not the easiest of first games
  6. Thought that he got injured putting in a tackle earlier saw him taking a while to get up then limping away. Not that I’m excusing the Roofe tackle which was an obvious red but time to move on
  7. Not been his greatest fan but he has looked a lot more confident of late and he had no chance with the goal last night.
  8. Thought Bryson and Tanser both had decent games
  9. Thought we’ve played alright tonight some decent football at times
  10. Must have been not a huge crowd and I think they brought about a thousand up.Don’t remember too much trouble but in those days the battles were the halftime entertainment!
  11. July 1972 pre season friendly saw Malcolm McDonald score from the kick off after 4 seconds against Derek Robertson who was limbering up. Final score Saints 3 Newcastle 7 now Malcolm McDonald was a true international class player
  12. Playing for Millwall in the cup today
  13. If anyone can say in the last two games that Zander would have saved any of the goals then the criticism might be justified but I can’t see it