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  1. St Mirren will be thinking we should be beating teams like St Johnstone. There was nothing between us last year and I don’t think there’s anything between us this year.l believe we need to beat teams like St Mirren but to say we should be beating them is totally different.
  2. Got to agree, this year’s league is the toughest for years, giving up points in any game is not an option. Agree that Thursday is huge but what happens if we qualify for the group stages and have another six huge games. We really have to take each game as it comes giving them all the same importance.
  3. Middletons effort didn’t look over the line to me. Thought we were pretty poor only Ali Mcann trying to drive us forward gained pass marks Middleton also decent but apart from that nobody else looked above average maybe Thursdays game took its toll
  4. It must be Prague or Rapid Vienna as Celtic play winner of Psv/Galatasary
  5. Hibs fans slagging off their players but only shows how good our defence is our players are totally underatted by the Scotland management once again!
  6. I’m fairly sure that will be part of his remit bring young players through then sell them for a decent price
  7. A bit like Callum Paterson started as a right back at Hearts but played in the middle and upfront for Cardiff and Scotland would definitely give opposition defences something different to think about.
  8. Didn’t think the ref did too much wrong. Thought we matched Celtic pretty well just unfortunate for us that Edouard has found his form just before they play us.
  9. Yeah good goal but I was the same thought he didn’t look and quite a bit of luck to get through all the bodies
  10. Thought Brown was fine not the easiest of first games
  11. Thought that he got injured putting in a tackle earlier saw him taking a while to get up then limping away. Not that I’m excusing the Roofe tackle which was an obvious red but time to move on