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  1. If anyone can say in the last two games that Zander would have saved any of the goals then the criticism might be justified but I can’t see it
  2. I've always felt that Rob McLean has always been reasonably positive about Saints and I don't really think anyone can complain about Michael Stewart or Pat Nevin's summing up or analysis of the game.
  3. Maybe just maybe Tommy knows a bit more about his squad and football than most of us on here.
  4. As John Hughes said in his post match interview " If the keeper sticks his leg out I'd be saying make sure you go down and let the ref make his mind up. That's the way football is being totally honest"
  5. Three games on Tv I would think we will be one of them.
  6. If its a bigger team I want a home draw other than that an away day would be nice. Anyone but Celtic really.
  7. Sorry that was obviously a very poor attempt at humour.
  8. I really feel that Steve Brown should be doing this, why should a business depend on volunteers!
  9. I'm all for for freedom of speech but making things up is never good, as Ziggy says looking from the East stand there were empty seats in all the other stands particularly the North.
  10. To be honest the club could have put The Rolling Stones on before the game and I would still rather drink in a pub with other fans, I want to arrive at the ground with not much time to kick off. But maybe thats just me.
  11. Yeah we should take a leaf out of Luzern's book look at all the things their club put on before the match -- oh wait a minute
  12. You seem to have an eye for a bargain. I took your advice on the train tickets are you sure about the bus ticket.