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  1. You seem to have an eye for a bargain. I took your advice on the train tickets are you sure about the bus ticket.

    Arrived in Basel - weather lovely - wish you were here :-)

    Another top tip - before you buy a bus ticket - talk to the bus driver - it appears if you are booked into a Basel hotel - the bus is free :-)
    It may even work if you have a train ticket.

  2. Was at most of the games mentioned including the 8-1 at Partick and the 2-2 at Celtic Park arrived late at Celtic and me and my mate ended up in the Jungle with the Celtic diehards we had our Saints scarfs on bit scary at first being 15 at the time but fair play to the Celtic fans they were fine. Great game that day great goal from Freddy, don't know how many Hall and Connolly scored that year but must have been a right few.

  3. Maybe not so much like drivel now!



    If Scotland play like they did against Croatia and England they can give anyone a reasonable game.  I fear that we lack a fearless leader though - a Colin Hendry type who would put everything on the line for his country.  That strength of character spread through the team.  For all Scott Brown is a tough character, I feel his aggression is often misdirected.  While I don't think he is of an appropriate standard yet - someone with Muzz's drive and determination would really benefit the Scotland squad as a whole.


    Scotland have, for the first time in a long time, got some genuinely creative players.  They need more drive though, more national pride.  I think playing England again will have helped that though.

  4. For me Friday was a decent performance by Scotland and the games under Strachan have been a big improvement than the Levein teams. The Belgians although the better team did not create many clear cut chances unlike our game over there when they cut through us like butter and it could have been 8 or 9.



    But there wasn't that was the problem, when we had the ball it was slow and predictable

    For me if that had been a levine team he would have been slaughtered but Gordo is a wee media darling

  5. I,m all for freedom of speech but we have gone from a reasonable thread slagging off somebody who we thought had turned us down for more money to people now speculating on a situation where nobody on here knows what the truth is. As has been said before it is going to end up as us as the bad guys if this keeps going.

  6. GMS looked on good form from the short highlights against Hibs and Dave will need to be top of his game.


    Goodwillie has not found the scoring touch yet but he can't be far from it. They have a lot more ability to produce something in comparison to County.

    Agree with all of this, GMS is a talent and always seems to rip us apart and although we looked very good against County I can't believe United will be nearly as bad as them.