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  1. Stroll in the sun probably the most one sided game I have seen against a team in the same league. The only disappointment was that there weren't more people there to see it, but as has been said Perth races must have taken some, there were over 8000 there.
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    May Away?

    I think Stevie has come back to us a much improved player, he is strong quick and direct, things we have not had in a striker for a while. I hope he comes on tonight and scores, then we will see his value begin to reach what he is really worth.
  3. Cash machines in Bergen airport, might have to end up getting cash there.
  4. Yes Paddy Power but they wont take much on a game like that so if they see money for only one team they will shorten it up. Agree that 40s or 50s is a more realistic price.
  5. Must have been a few Saints fans bet this as it was 40/1 when I posted earlier.
  6. You can get 40/1 Crusaders to qualify with Paddy Power, you don't need much on at that price to cover your costs. By the way Steve the weather forecast I saw didn't look as good as yours but who cares.
  7. Looks like your £30 has them worried the price is now 5/1
  8. Dear oh dear, someone posts what is to me not an unreasonable post and suddenly it's decided that he should be subjected to pathetic personal abuse. Of course people are having a hard time financially, nobody is saying otherwise but other clubs who are doing considerably worse than us on the pitch eg St Mirren, Kilmarnock etc have been better supported by their fans than us and they will have had the same finacial difficulties as us. As others have said is it any wonder that many previous good posters have disappeared.
  9. Don't really see what the problem with the proposed set up was. At least there was something to play for after the split, I was sitting at the United game when we were 1-0 down thinking that if we were in the bottom six the season was over. Another season of dwindling crowds and the same old teams doesn't appeal too much to me and not to the tv companies either I suspect.
  10. I would agree with you if we were paying a fee, but this is Countys best player we are getting for nothing why would we want to help them out by giving him back for nothing.
  11. He's signed an agreement, he is worth a good bit of money we need him in the midfield next season if we let him go for nothing that is not good business. We should stick to our side of the agreement and given that he is a professional footballer he will want to play football and if he wants a move elsewhere later on then he has to play and we can cash in then. Makes no sense to let him stay at County for nothing.
  12. I agree he did make a meal of it but I thought it was a penalty at the time and I don't think he needs unnecessary criticism.(not meaning you by the way)
  13. I was right behind this and there was definately contact, Pawlett was entitled to go down and I don't know why he is being made to look like the bad guy. If you look at the Dundee defender he thinks the ref has given a penalty.
  14. Murray Davidson by a mile, he is now a complete midfielder. He is strong, a good passer scores goals and has a great engine. We should have extended his contract at whatever cost as he is our only saleable asset and I would hate to see him leave for very little or nothing as I think he has turned into one of the best midfielders in Scotland and is destined for much bigger things.
  15. Has turned into an excellent football commentator, comes across as totally unbiased and gives clear explanations of tactics and decisions. To those of you who slate him as a player or person, where in this day to you get a true club servant who only wants to do well for one team, Steven Gerrard is another in the same mould dislike them if you like but you would love to have them in your team
  16. The only decision he could make, imagine if we had gone to Wales without Fletcher and failed to score the abuse would be something to see.
  17. Dont know where you get your run of terrible performances from. This season I have seen one terrible performance and that was against Aberdeen when we had about our third choice team out eveytime we have our first choice team I feel we have done well and today we got some reward.
  18. I would like to see him given a chance but I can't see it happening. If he didn't get a game against Aberdeen when we had 3 strikers out then when will he. He was scoring goals for fun last season and although it was the 3rd division as the Newco have found out thats not as easy as it sounds. I don't know if he will make the top grade but I would hate to let him go without finding out how good he is, so if he's not going to get a chance here maybe a loan to a 1st division side would be his and our best option.
  19. As I don't have a sense of humour maybe you could put one of those wee smiley things at the end when your jesting. And by the way I didn't miss the whole point of you and Gorts posts.
  20. And the opinion of someone who hasnt seen us play counts because?
  21. Much better yesterday played some decent football in the first half which we totally dominated. The heads went down a bit after their second goal but we still had chances to score.Good to see that with our first choice team we were much more positive.
  22. Fresh thinking. I think that is a great idea and something the club should look at. Your right about people not cancelling once they have set it up.
  23. Agree with just about all of that, particularly the bit about Dave Mackay very unprofessional and not what is needed.