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  1. Before he came I remember sitting at games wondering where a goal was going to come from, St Johnstone nil was the story. Since he came here our form has rocketed and it is sometimes a joy to watch the team. It is not only his goals, although all the other players together have hardly scored as many, it is the fact that he is usually marked by a couple of defenders and makes space for others that has helped the team. I find it hard to believe what short memories some people on here have, but then again some of the rubbish that is spouted on here I shouldn't be surprised. If as is likely he leaves at the end of the season some people will get a reality check.
  2. I think he has fitted in very well and think he has got fitter very quickly. On Sunday he was tracking back all the time and looked the part to me. I like Chris Millar too and reckon there is a place for both of them in the squad.
  3. I agree with that. It is always the hard games he is asked to play in and against Celtic I thought he was having a good game. I didn't think anyone was having a particularly good game in the first half on Sunday but as usual people were getting on his back from the kick off. I'm still not sure about where he fits into the team but as others have said the manager must see something.
  4. Liam for me seemed to be involved in most of the good things and put in some decent crosses. Robertson also had a good game and I am happy for him to get a run of games
  5. Don't know if it's been said before but I think the No Vote and the View Results Only votes should not be counted for the percentages as this distorts the values.
  6. Two game ban fair. About time this blatant cheating is treated more severely. I am happy to do away with a booking during the game if players are getting bans retrospectively. I would not want a red during the game either as if the ref gets it wrong that would be even worse.
  7. Some decent displays and hard to choose. Morris and Liam Craig who seems to me to be the most improved player this season were excellent. However Millar with a tireless display gets my vote.
  8. i didn't think Hibs were that bad, they seem to me to be an improving team. Thought at the time it was a blatant dive for the penalty and would like to see it again.It does show how improved we are that I was really disappointed that we lost what I thought was a great game. Hibs fans I was listening to after the game were pleased to beat us as they thought we are a good team.
  9. Got to agree, I have never understood the stick some people on here give him.
  10. Solid performance no failures, never felt worried which is very unusual!
  11. I think that as a team the signs are good, the new players seem to have gelled quickly and part of that is the partnership of Sheridan and Sandaza. I particularly do not get the lack of effort criticism as on Saturday he was all over the park and as others have said that created space for Sandaza.
  12. Best support (maybe not numbers) and atmosphere for ages
  13. Great game to watch obviously disappointed to let them back in, but the new players are now beginning to gel and I thought we played some very good football at times. The team spirit is there for all to see and we deserved better than a draw. I didn't see a falilure and the fans were the best I have seen and heard for a long time.
  14. Snandaza has to get the vote, truly class. Have to agree with Radford I thought Robertson had a decent game, links the play well and runs into space. I also thought Sheridan had a good game linking well with Sansaza and putting in plenty of effort. To be honest I didn't think we had a weakness in the whole team with Jody leading by example.
  15. Agree about the doubters but not nearly half the people on here just the same few posters posting the same rubbish all the time.
  16. Only saw the game on the internet but from what I saw Morris at least found a Saints player occasionally which didn't make him the worst player on the park.
  17. Think most teams would be happy with a point at Pittodrie. Early days but another clean sheet away from home is a good start.