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  1. Sad to see it go. That and the Strathy were my first regular pubs, remember sitting through the back with my pals when we were 16 panicking when the police came in. They never bothered just looked in and went away, Those were the days when you could get 8 pints and a fish supper on the way home for a pound (not yesterday).
  2. Agreed, especially as he has been playing some of his best stuff recently.Looks like Levein is not going to experiment in midfield. Is this another case of the minute he's off Murray will get his cap.
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    Exactly, I,m quite happy for someone to have a different opinion to mine on a players ability but I cannot accept some random person coming on here to try and assasinate someone's personality with no way of backing it up.
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    You believe it because you want to believe it. Having spoken to Danny before he came across as a nice guy and extremely polite so as has been said by mainstand why would you believe what someone who has only posted twice on the same subject.
  5. MMM is a legend and was always one of my favourite players but part of our problem is that with a small squad we cannot afford to have players who are unlikely to be fit for most of the season.
  6. Murray must wonder what he's doing out there on his own.
  7. Both sets of fans getting on fine then a group of arsehole casuals go in and tip over tables and chairs then run out. How clever!
  8. Back to the thread Davidson was head and shoulders above everyone yesterday and must have thought he was carrying the team himself. He will be gone at the end of the season but I hope he gets a game for Scotland before he goes. The few doubters on here who think he is not good enough will see in years to come what we had.
  9. I think Pauls on holiday this week. Looks like someone else trying to help but not succeeding.
  10. Cannot believe people are not looking forward to this one. As has been said this is the best chance we have had to get to the cup final.Ok we are not scoring goals but I have not seen a team all season who I have not thought we could beat. We are playing reasonably well and are creating chances, goals will come and I am not an optimist but for once in my life I feel that this could be our year.
  11. Yes I would have some of them but would have to teach them that you have to play fair if you want to play for Saints. Did you not try to sign Sammy before we stepped in?
  12. Getting a little bit tetchy now aren't we? Why don't you go back to the Arab site and you can all agree how great it is to have a shower of divers in your team.
  13. Still looking for this wild reckless lunge. Yes a professional foul is cheating and a booking is given, still doesn't explain why you have to come on and support a blatant cheat.
  14. It,s nice to see Dundee Utd fans come on here and try to defend the indefensible ie Swansons blatant dive. Ok Anderson wasn't too clever in sticking out a leg but it is becoming much too common for cheats to delberately run into a player to get a penalty or someone sent off. I'm not just saying this because it was against us, I cringe sometimes when I see Peaso go down when hardly touched.
  15. Big support but could'nt have been 35000 as we were mainly in the Rangers end but Celtic had half of that and the rest of the stadium and the total crowd if I remeber correctly was over 70000.
  16. Probably league cup final against Celtic 1969, although don't know the exact number.Second would be league cup final versus Rangers.
  17. Always liked him, as Radford says a versatile player. Cannot see us holding on to Davidson for much longer so we would need a ball winner. Also if Millar keeps playing the way he is some club will come in for him which would leave us short in midfield.
  18. I didn't think it was boring at all. O K we didn't score again and that is a big problem but there were a lot of positives to take from the game. The defence was never troubled and Davidson and Millar are a great partnership and totally ruled the midfield against a much vaunted Killie team, I know people say you make your own luck but I really feel we need a wee break in front of goal.
  19. Sammy would always be my first pick up front. Agree with Kevin would have a fit Peaso alongside him as he wins as many balls in the air as the big men and knows where the goal is.
  20. After the excitement of last week this is going to seem a bit boring. I agree go with last weeks second half team.
  21. I remember Kevin James at Clyde strapping his thigh and playing on although he could barely walk.
  22. Why would anyone boo the referee, from where I was standing it looked a penalty even if the cameras proved otherwise. Other than that I didn't think he did much wrong so no I don't think the booing was for the referee.Also if it was just for a laugh that the scarf was thrown on why didn't he go and get it back given that it was only a couple of yards onto the park.