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  1. Was at that game easy 2-0. Hopefully same again but not a repeat of the final!
  2. Reminds me of Paul Hartley who became a different player when Billy Stark switched him from the wing to central midfield.
  3. Blood and guts cup tie just like the old days. For me Chris Millar changed the game.
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    Stevie May

    Give the Peaso Sammy partnership some time. It has looked promising so far although without producing goals. We have to see what Peaso can do for a contract next year eg stay fit.
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    They must be showing the re-arranged game whenever that may be
  6. As much as I would like to I cannot see past an Arsenal win.
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    Thats what half the people near me seem to think.
  8. Heard on radio tay today we are getting 1800 tickets. Is that enough?
  9. I would have thought nearer 700-800 but a minimum 600, but I'm like you always think there is more than there is. Agreed about the celebrations, Doobs is a legend.
  10. Mine would be the Ormond era. Home or away I always thought we would win and you knew you would see great football. Some great away days aswell, I even thought we would win the leauge cup final against the best Celtic team I've seen. Great days!
  11. Statistics can sometimes lie but I am more than happy to have him in goal. Another inspired signing by Dell.
  12. Richard Gordon is spot on. I thought it was a great team performance but those would be my top four although if Anderson could pass a ball as well as he defends he would be playing in England. I gave my vote to Davidson as I thought he was the heart of the midfield although all four of the midfield stifled Hearts and stopped them playing.
  13. Whether or not we have got through 2 million we are a small club running at a loss. There is no way we can afford 200,000 and we should not even think about it.
  14. Parkin is good enough at this level in my opinion. Better on the ground than Deuchar and puts in a good defensive shift as well. We can't afford to pay anyone a higher wage even if we offload players.
  15. I see the St Mirren Kilmarnock game is a near sell-out with Killie taking 2500 with them.
  16. Got my tickets before the game yesterday still plenty left.
  17. A shot on target did we have one? Yes we did. Good defending? I watched the whole game on a stream and yes we did defend well.To restrict Celtic to six shots on target in 94 minutes, four in 90 minutes counts as good defending to me. Every report I have read of the game says we defended well, with Duberry and Anderson being picked out as star men.
  18. I thought Saints defended well and on that basis might have deserved something from the game. Thats the first time in ages I've not been waiting for the avalanche to start when we have played at Celtic park. Everyone sees things differently and are entitled to their opinion the only thing that worries me slightly about Seans arguement is, would he be saying the same thing if it had happened at Ibrox and if not that would be sad.
  19. Good display first half. Working hard as a team, keep it up.
  20. See in the newspaper today that he has generously offered to move in the January window to help out Dundee!
  21. 1st Willie Ormond - best footballing team I have seen 2nd Paul Sturrock - best organised team I have seen 3rd Alex Totten/Owen Coyle
  22. Great result. Today was all about the result I don't care how we played. We have lost often enough when we've played well, so we are due a turn. The next few games are similar fixtures that could go either way so I'll take four scrappy wins thanks.