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  1. Every week he scores I think well thats our chances of signing him gone. Big loss as I think he is exactly what we need.
  2. Yes went to Sheffield Wednesday but hardly ever played due to injury.Skillfull player but definitely injury prone. John Connolly the best player I have seen at Saints is the obvious omission closely followed by Henry Hall a natural goal scorer who was always in the right place.
  3. I am with others who have said I would rather he had the chance of a cap even risking injury. It is an honour for him and great for the club. Only time will tell if I am over reacting.
  4. Murray Davidson is a star in the making. How anyone can find a downside to his call up is beyond me. But then again lots of things on this site are beyond me.
  5. Paul Kane being sent off and Rangers awarded a penalty in 7-0 game. Was a penalty but at least 3 saints players between him and goal. Ref said he sent him off as it was a goal scoring opportunity. Fair enough technically right but up the other end same result I don't think so!
  6. Not quite what he said but like it.
  7. He was still getting abuse from some people in the main stand. Get that c--t off being one of their more intelligent comments.
  8. I thought Taylor was our best player by a country mile.Hopefully people will get off his back at home. Doubt it though.
  9. Injuries are hitting us badly just now meaning we never have a settled team.We were playing a full strength Motherwell who have some very good players.Danny was skinned too easily for the first two goals but I felt he was left exposed when we should be doubling up on what are two of the best wingers in the league.Although they are better than us there was never four goals between the teams.Our luck must change sometime, I've lost count of the number of deflected goals we have lost and the number of times the ball breaks for the opposition who then score.Our time must come but I just worry the heads will go down.The team needs our support now, not abuse.
  10. Got to agree to rely on our home support would mean a big drop in revenue and to talk of boycotting away games could also backfire if they did likewise.
  11. So we just ignore it and the morons think it's clever. Next time the 20 people become 40 and the problem becomes worse. Just because we think the press may read this site is no reason to ignore racism. Which whatever way you try to dress it up the barking noises were.
  12. Like it. I always believe in giving managers and players time, but last night was as bad as I have felt after a Scotland game. Apart from Rosicky the Czechs were the same standard as us, and to not even try to attack them was unforgiveable. In my opinion we had as much chance to beat them in Prague after their defeat by Lithuania than we have of beating them at Hampden. I will be there on Tuesday but I hope the players are feeling less depressed than me.
  13. JMW is only signed untill the end of the year. If he hasn't done it by then he'll be gone. I for one am prepared to leave it to Del.
  14. Unlike some I really enjoyed yesterdays game. We were on top for at least 80% of the game and played some nice football at times. There were some very good performances with Morris outstanding. As usual even if we were playing like Barcelona some people would not be happy. Interesting to note that the crowds reaction during the game was much more positive than some of doom and gloom merchants on here.
  15. Agree 100% . Winning against Dundee is still nearly the best feeling only bettered by beating the Old Firm.
  16. Thought the game was very like the Morton game in that it was obvious which was the Premier team. Very comfortable night and it was only a matter of time before we scored. Think the comments on Myrie-Williams are a bit over the top given that he almost scored twice and set up Sammy with a good ball. I'd like to think that we will give him more than two games before we start getting on his back but I guess thats asking too much. Parkin and Haber are two recent signings who got about two games before they were written off but times have changed with Parkin and hopefully will with JMW, By the way if you want a good report on the game which is very complimentary to Saints read the Herald today.
  17. No disagree, I think we have to go for it in this game and not sit back!
  18. I'm not really sure which team I would put out because I don't know who is fully fit. I'd rather rest players who are not fully fit, although that could be half the team. I do like the look of Dobie he seems to have the energy and presence we need. I would give Parkin and Haber another chance as I don't think they are as bad as some think. I don't see why people are after Jackson to start because if you were to drop Haber or Parkin I'd rather start Samuel(if fit) or Milne(if fit)
  19. Agree with that. Watching Saturdays game I thought what we were lacking was pace, he's got plenty of that.
  20. Had on Sky Sports that we had signed Myrie-Williams not on screen now anyone know whats happening
  21. I always find it funny how people see the same thing but diferrently. I agree that Parkin and Taylor like everybody else had a poor game but I thought they both put in plenty of effort but again thats just my opinion.
  22. Sorry if it's not clear he didn't say the bit about a god given right to beat anyone that was me. I have thought about Saturday and yes we were crap but unlike others I didn't see anyone who wasn't giving 100%. We had an off day they had an on day these things happen.
  23. Agree Craig Brown is a top manager and was a good bit of business by Motherwell to get him. I also agree with him about our fans. Dave Mackay in the Courier interview summed it up for me when he said" the fans have been used to high standards inthe last couple of years and maybe we are entitled to an off day now and again". Although I agree we were rubbish on Saturday I think the players and manager deserve better than to be booed off. It's not our gad given right to beat any team never mind a very well organised Motherwell.
  24. Our support has always been poor apart from the first few seasons at the new stadium, but Saturdays poor home support for the first home game of the season against a team we knew would bring a big support was particularily worrying.