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  1. So unless you are a hard man who wants to take on four brain dead numpties you should just sit there and let them get on with it? Well done ryangorden86 the clubs a better place with guys like you.
  2. Anderson was great, really good to see him back. Millar also in contention. But has to be Sammy he was brilliant. Strangely enough as I was leaving I said there will still be people who will say he's lazy.
  3. His physical presence and height at set pieces make him a player I'd like to see start, but who do we leave out of the middle?
  4. Got to agree not since Momo have I been as impressed with a new player. Reminds me a bit of Darren Fletcher, same gangly looks, covers the ground well and never seems to tire.
  5. You only saw one game .Yet you know the league was so poor we could have won it without a manager?
  6. Del is now 2/1 favourite with Ladbrokes
  7. Remember a game in the 70s at Greenock played in a howling gale. Finished 5-5 , bit like the Partick 8-1 game had trouble remembering the score.
  8. Agree with everything you say. Never been a great lover of Teale but people round us were booing him during the game and i think thats right out of order.I also agree about G B never being given a chance.
  9. Perfect sense. Seen us fail too often in the past. Worry about where and when we win it,when and if that time comes.
  10. Great band . Into the valley and The Saints are coming are classic tracks
  11. Not a failure yesterday Byrne Moon and Sheerin stood out for me but Sammy terrorised them every time he had the ball so he gets my vote
  12. Dundee fans should pay us cause they didn't have to watch all the game
  13. maybe its me but I thought he put in several good crosses generally put himself about and challenged for everything he could be expected to get and on aday when even Sheerin struggled to create did well enough
  14. Thought Griffiths was very impressive in difficult conditions would have him in team anyday. In front of any of our strikers
  15. between Main Moon Swankie for me .Moon just edged it
  16. Absolute rubbish him and Mooner were easily our two best midfielders
  17. It's early days but he's looked alright to me plus he's got a long throw which can be handy!
  18. Agree with team apart from I'd start with Savo and Sammy upfront (if fit) feel Sammy is more direct
  19. Bridgendboy


    could'nt have put it better Pink spot on