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  1. Paul Sheerin for me with Liam as his assistant
  2. Went for Michael O'Halloran. Thought he looked much more like the player we had previously. Next season we will have him, Kennedy and Drey Wright giving us much needed pace - all we need now is a 15+ goal a season striker to bang them in - over to you Tommy!!
  3. Another vote for Scott Tanser. The season started full of hope with some exciting signings and for a couple of months we were playing some good stuff but any moments, never mind magic ones, have been hard to find in 2019
  4. Matty Kennedy for me, closely followed by Callaghan who despite a few misplaced passes gave us so much more energy in midfield.
  5. Gave my vote to Callaghan who impressed with his energy and eagerness to drive forward.
  6. Again a really outstanding team performance but the unanimous winner in the Highland Saints car as it headed north was Matty Kennedy.
  7. Sevco 2-1 up. Ball goes out for goalkick, Ballboy throws ball to McGregor who deliberately punches it onto the roof of the net to waste time - no booking. Minute later same situation but this time ballboy throws ball back but this time Mcgregor pretends to miss it and further pretends he cant stop as he looks as if hes running on ice. - no booking Final whistle goes and he immediately heads to the officials to berate them about something. Scottish football - one league - two sets of rules.
  8. Any of the starting 11 could have got my vote but went for Matty Kennedy in the end. Worked his socks off in the lone striker role and took his goal brilliantly.
  9. No fight No leadership on or off the pitch in the first half No apology afterwards to the fans.
  10. Zander for me. Wright, Alston, Foster and Ando in the 2nd half the only others that got pass marks.
  11. David McMillan gets my vote this week. Great header for the goal and as Paulo has mentioned, won some great defensive headers at corners and free kicks when we were defending second half.
  12. Went for Richard Foster this week. Thought both defensively and getting forward he was excellent but Wright deserves massive credit for covering for him when he does push up. Great partnership forming there.
  13. For the second game in a row, I voted for Perth's answer to Franz Beckenbauer. Liam Gordon strolled through the game and it makes us look a decent footballing side when we have two centre backs (Jason Kerr being the other) who are comfortable on the ball and can play it forward along the deck. Tommy has some big decisions to make when the league campaign starts.
  14. Liam Gordon. Couple of great sliding tackles later in the game that he timed to perfection. Good to hear someone organise the defence throughout the game - we've lacked a vocal presence since Frazer left