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  1. Maybe they think this might happen
  2. Phil

    Come On Caley

    yaaaas, cmmmmonnnnn. 2-1
  3. A few punches were thrown at the van driver just after it happened. Someone also pulled off his number plate and started hitting the van with it.
  4. Phil

    Fc Luzern Away

    Got back late last night. Great time away. All the Swiss folk we met were friendly. Good result and what a couple of nights at the Roadhouse!
  5. Mannus, Miller, Easton, Scobbie, Wright, Millar, Brown, Wotherspoon, O'Halloran, May, MacLean.
  6. Yes, 1-0 O'Halloran! Also Wright hit the post.
  7. Let me know if a space becomes available. Cheers,
  8. Talking about atmosphere. I had a guy 2 row behind me threaten to knock me out if I didn't sit down so that his daughter could see, 30 minutes before kick off!!
  9. Phil

    Eses Cup Final

    game stopped due to the smoke from all the flares.Think from the Galatasary fans?
  10. Phil

    Eses Cup Final