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  1. slf

    Season tickets

    Look chief if yer stuck I will let ye stand in my seat
  2. slf

    Dogger saints

    90s pish up the 60’s
  3. slf

    Im steaming

    here we bboo boozy boozy woozy up yer kilt bunny buns bums pups mo blues more music
  4. I agree. wheres the dudes like kenny daldlish jim baxted Jim holton joe Jordan and billy bumner. as for managers a fuqing cockle in charge .scatland need a jocko stein or a king Willie Ormandy .am we thinks the now . even erchie gemms the dribbler goal best est ever goal.? mod footballs is utter pish
  5. OOPS that’s above post most off topicals. just now am thinking thank fug no saints players got to play for they would take the rap for that shite. scotland are second rate crud with a moron manager . Same old fuqing bollockles
  6. slf


    Possibly ,think they’re out of there depth when it really matters. thank fuq no saints players were involved to take the rap for this shite.
  7. What’s the latest opening times ?
  8. slf

    Season tickets

    Received an e mail to buy a season ticket from Ayr United. told them to fuq off. must have been that on line ticket buying scheme from the cup game doon there last year that prompted this shit. butlins Ayr is also pish
  9. Drink the feckers. steam the label off and keep as a memento.