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  1. slf

    Season Tickets

    Too right Andrew the chap is not the full refund.
  2. slf

    Season Tickets

    Thanks for that.Maybe 3 home games left to play .Of course in Scottish football you sometimes don't get your entitlement.
  3. slf

    Season Tickets

    your guess is as good as mine. Does anyone know ?
  4. slf

    Season Tickets

    neither do I ,how many were there ?
  5. slf

    Season Tickets

    How many home games were left to play ?
  6. Fuq imagine sitting 100 seats away fae Foghorn gorgon muir doesn’t bear thinking about
  7. slf


    My neighbour has a mental jack Russell dug am sure it’s got fu**ing rabies. What would you do ?
  8. West Germany manager Helmut Schon is a belter
  9. The late lmsaintee on here aka les Murison was mine host at starlitz. rip les top saintee . I Will never forget yer Volvo car.
  10. They have all furking closed
  11. We did give him a Braw song mind.