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  1. I am looking forward to some stonking away days and getting blitzed in other towns with the troops. choo choo the noo. toot toot
  2. slf


    A nice wee hobby visiting other places with your son and scarf collecting
  3. slf


    Go to a home game with your son and buy a scarf from the club shop . you then get an idea what the scarf represents a feel for the club.that way it’s not just a scarf on the wall. repeat for the other teams if like .
  4. His spelling is terrible as well but don’t be too hard on him he gets free bus travel when in Scotland except the Barossa bus they charge everyone
  5. slf

    Im steaming

    You gotta believe it
  6. Correct I prefer pizzas with mushrooms
  7. slf

    Season tickets

    Top man . your no ma pal for nothing .
  8. slf

    Season tickets

    The one man/woman band will likely get round too this in the next month or too. in the meantime why not order or get made a nice sjfc t shirt over the internet. you can wear it when it’s a Braw weather whilst awaiting a new kit. hope this helps
  9. slf

    Season tickets

    On sale now chief .hope your happy
  10. slf

    Season tickets

    Season tickets are now on sale. price freeze.
  11. slf

    Season tickets

    Price freeze
  12. slf

    Season tickets

    Contact the complaints section