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  1. That rat griffiths kicking a flare into the crowd should be disciplined. He should know better.
  2. I would like to say we have evolved a bit though.winning at ibrox , hampden and Celtic park are way up there as well.
  3. slf

    Tuesday Team Talk

    I agree it’s most Braw.
  4. Braw . I always remember someone cycling down south street proceeding in the correct direction early one morning blotto . I didn’t want to say anything in case you fell off .
  5. That’s correct He went up a one way street the wrong way whilst tiddley om Pom.
  6. I agree . also tannadice has its fair share of sand dancers
  7. thats correct it started nil nil so was already a draw heading for a draw ,and then some kunt scored .it wasn't a draw then. draw your own conclusions.i drew mine
  8. That’s because they can’t count to ten. then engage brain into gear.apoplectic wallies
  9. And if you lose all the Arseholes go into overdrive and lose the plot.slagging everything and anyone.
  10. And you have to score more than the other kunts
  11. All matches start as a nil nil draw until some Kunt scores.
  12. That’s correct chief .also the match started as a nil nil draw.
  13. Is it different from a city mile ?