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  1. Braw. great time oot larking aboot with mr lark. He did forget too mention when he fell over ! forfar coppers are non existent . cheers boss .
  2. Well done boss.when is the book out ?
  3. you’re entertainment value is impeccably hilarious . if you tried to shoot yer self you would likely miss.
  4. celtic rangers Hibernian aberdeen motherwell stjohnstone livingston kilmarnock dundee united ross county st mirren hamilton
  5. Tory council are full of choppers
  6. It’s is Indeed as mr lark says a Braw place. its going to be spoiled when more houses are getting build closer to the loch. enjoy it whilst you can.
  7. slf

    New Manager

    Alex clelands blue and white army
  8. slf

    New Manager

    lada rubbish
  9. Braw post chief. whilst am exiled to my hoose .I would go for Ali McCann.
  10. If stj were getting relegated we would have took it with dignity. not that anybody else would have gave a fuq about us but no way would we have done a hearts.That’s the difference.
  11. 2 so called establishment clubs making a Kunt of themselves.just needs the plastic paddy’s to get involved for more embarrassment .
  12. Runs in parallel with rangers and their whistleblower bollocks story. no wonder Scottish football is a joke backwater .
  13. Read that In Sunday papers ha ha. show me yer philanthropists .