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  1. At the time of me writing my last comment who else had commented Mr lark?
  2. The Cost of the game will be £5 Plus Fuel, an exact amount not known at this stage and as in Ormond Saints style you will be EXPECTED to ATTEND Hospitality as part of the Day I'll decide......
  3. So one game into the season and already we're getting mucked about wie opposition,can't wait for the rest of season.
  4. Since when did hobbos become fussy where they stayed. Like cal said the backpackers was half the fun of the weekend.
  5. yeah should be fine. is this when steve gets presented with the armband as well?
  6. puddy the only reason your not uprooting your fish is cause you'll drop them.
  7. did u really think of that or did someone else think of it, u said no but now super elvis thought of it its a great idea.
  8. Nuggets no even that team has enough celebrations for the amount of goals they would put past u :-)
  9. the only way that would work is if we celebrate all the og's fae steve and goose
  10. gates open 11.30 first race starts at 2.10 last race 5.10. prob be better heading out to balbeggie and cutting over the back way again.
  11. aye but no going to pub after cause its the wee mans birthday.
  12. who needs dale cairns we've got paul leaver