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  1. is or was the farm/yard that morris young in called hillyland farm
  2. leading the team out against beechwood into an empty stadium as the crowd were still in the boozer.
  3. i could be wrong but i think there is something under the floor marking out various points of muirton park cause during the refit a few years ago they found some of them but like i said i could be wrong with that
  4. ur scores/scorers for the social work game don't add up
  5. i knew it was due, thats why i was was so long between my last goal and sunday cause i wanted the honour.
  6. one of the mexican teams cant remember which one. funny as feck watching the woman walking about over there with these tops on
  7. we do on the gaffers team sheet but still to see any on the park.:laugh:
  8. unfortunately all the scouts were at bridge of allen and have decided not to follow up their interest in any of the forwards