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  1. sounds like u boys were unlucky. seems u carried the spirit over from the week before as well which is a bonus for us.
  2. if sat's game goes pear shape due to the rain, i should be ok for a sun kickabout.
  3. forcast not good for tomorrow more snow expected. But we'll wait and see.
  4. yes happy (ahem) 29th birthday mate.
  5. what u talking about? I already do.***
  6. no names will be mentioned as to who is responsible for this. But someone in the pub was heard saying and i quote. "i'll be coming down ur neck". The topic of conversation was number of appearences for ormonds. Also worth a mention even though not said today but Gav S telling jarvie that he was fat. Pots and kettles me think.
  7. aye to them all. Maybe a wise call to postpone 27th cause of the scotland game.
  8. happy staying with 15. As for who gets the No1 top,whoever finishes this season with the most clean sheets get's it for next season.
  9. as long as it doesn't coincide when i work saturdays i don't have a problem.The date for the celtic game is ok unless it changes.