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  1. i'm in but looking for a lift straight back as it's the youngest's birthday that day
  2. I thought the diffrence in price of mcd and the campus was £100 but with the price of petrol u could be right.
  3. whats the chances of this getting moved to one of the campuses make it a bit cheaper than mcd.
  4. all the best to my fellow yellow army members. Sooner we get back to football the better.
  5. no for me. its the wee mans birthday on the 6th. i would make the game but no overnighter.
  6. well for the ones no going to inverness,who fancies it?
  7. got a towel,hoodie and a mug for xmas. superb the lot of them.
  8. how about in ormonds for about 2.00 then?
  9. why thank you kind sir. Hope everyone had a good time. All the best for the new year for my fellow yellow army members. May need to get a couple of hrs in ormonds next sunday arranged?
  10. how come there was no mention of these complaints at the time last year?
  11. i had a look at the road cameras for the rd out to oban and it looks clear enough. u can at least see tarmac anyway.
  12. with the way the weather is now and the forcast is how no just scrap the game. Cause knowing our luck we would pick up some injuries and then oban would be goosed.
  13. still don't see gav mcd's name on this list. i think he has lost the love for ormonds and this is a disgrace if anyone sees him out and about stop him give him a cuddle and tell him he is needed for oban. his club need him.
  14. i'll be there but no car and need to be straight back after the game if poss. no money saving it for oban (pretty sure fernie is the same)